h is for horse….



“I” started working on this horse the other day.   I’m planning to make a pull toy from the finished embroidery.  I decided to use Valdani H205 for the spots and 4 for the background.  When I say “I” started working, I really mean….

me and oatsy

me and oatsy

…Otis has been doing the work and I’ve been napping.

polka dots galore

polka dots galore

I love polka dots, though I have to admit I’m not a fan of punching them, which is why The Oatbran has been doing the embroidering.

"my thumb is the perfect floss holder." ~ otis

“my thumb is the perfect floss holder.” ~ otis

Once Otis finished the dots I got to work on the background.

two more colors...

two more colors…

And, I added two more neutrals to the mix:  Valdani 3 and 5.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANext, this horse will take a coffee bath.  While he dries, I’m going to start another horse project.

h is for horse

h is for horse

Otis isn’t around to help me with the dots so…



…maybe I can persuade Lilly to lend a paw?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADoesn’t she do lovely work?  Now all I have to do is background!


wishing you all the help you’ll ever need!









4 thoughts on “h is for horse….

  1. Wow that oatbran is really talented. Love how he can punch while laying on his back!! You are so lucky to have such devoted helpers!!! I love horses and I love horses with polka dots!!! I hooked a rug once with polka dotted horses!! Love to see everything you create and your simple, quiet, calming colors. Beautiful work!! Merrry Christmas to you Rebecca!! xoxox

  2. Oh boy, oh boy … looks like a couple more winners! You are so lucky to have such accomplished helpers. Bet you’re the only puncher who has an extra furry thumb to help … sigh.

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