wintry finishes….


I showed you this picture a few posts ago.  Since then, I’ve finished all these projects ~ hooray!  You saw the Santa/Rudolf make do and the Wynter Snowman make do in THIS post.  Now, here are the other finishes plus one more:

feather tree stocking

feather tree stocking

This Feather Tree Stocking is a design from Lori Brechlin of Notforgotten Farm.

twig tree santa

twig tree santa

as is Twig Tree Santa.

chalkware santa
chalkware santa

You can find the fabulous Jan Goos Chalkware Santa design on Need’l Love’s site.

1816 cat and frosty

1816 cat and frosty

This 1816 Cat and Frosty is my favorite winter design from Kelley Belfast.  It’s one of the few patterns I’ve punched more than once.

If you’d like to see more photos of my finishes, you can visit these creations by stopping into my etsy shop ~ click here :~>.

It’s been cold, Cold, COLD! here ~ like, feels like 4* cold. brrrrrr, but some of us know the secret to staying warm.

"ahhhh" ~ lilly  "like a kitty sauna!" ~ otis

“ahhhh” ~ lilly
“like a kitty sauna!” ~ otis

Lilly and Otis like to get warm by the fire.  Lilly knows there’s an even better way to enjoy feeling toasty….

"i'll just slip under this little rug..." ~ lilly

“i’ll just slip under this little rug…” ~ lilly

…she loves snuggling under things.  (This little MERRY rug was made for me by Kelley Belfast ~ I just love it!)  Unfortunately for Lilly the little Merry mat just won’t stay where she wants it and ends up on the floor.  Poor Lilly…

"i didn't want that rug over me, because i'd planned to take a bath.  my life is one busy moment after another." ~ lilly

“i knocked that rug off on purpose, because i’d planned to take a bath.  my life is one busy moment after another.” ~ lilly

But, cats have a way of turning things to their advantage, and the lack of a blanket doesn’t seem to interfere with Lilly’s happiness….

"*sigh*" ~ lilly

“*sigh*” ~ lilly

be warm, my friends, be warm!


3 thoughts on “wintry finishes….

  1. Hi Rebecca, Your creations are lovely and the colors are just right!! I wanted to tell you what our weatherman says about cats on the hearth. When 1 cat is on the hearth it is really bad weather is coming… but 2 cats on the hearth is even worse. So, you will have to watch your cats because our weather guy thinks they can tell us the weather!! Funny huh… I do enjoy your cats. Thanks you once again for sharing them. Christmas Blessings to your home, Patricia

  2. Rebecca, I was pleased as punch to see your Chalk ware Santa on your blog. I really like how you finish your edges. Love all your colors and the way you put your punches together. Can’t leave out your kitties, they are so sweet! Jan

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