grey house colors…

notforgotten farm grey house

notforgotten farm grey house

hello, hello!

i had a question about the colors i used for Lori Brechlin’s Grey House.  i made this little pillow over the summer ~ i just love punching houses!

ok, here is the Valdani i used:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and, here’s what i used each for:

4 ~ window panes

146 ~ window frames and muntins (aka window pane dividers.  i just googled what window pane dividers are called and found “muntin” ~ what a cool word!  reminds me “mutton dressed as lamb”, for some inexplicable reason.)

P4 ~ house

H205 ~ roof and door

PT2 ~ vine

thank you for your question, Wendy!

wishing you all a day filled with mirth and merriment (and maybe a few muntins, too)!



2 thoughts on “grey house colors…

  1. Rebecca,
    Thank you for sharing your colors with us. I love all of your latest creations. And the pics of your kitties. Love the captions you always give for them. So very cute! Hugs, Lori

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