santa’s colors…




i received a couple of questions regarding which Valdani colors i used for Santa.  here they are:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and here’s what i used each for:

4 ~ beard, hat, boot and cuff trim

5 ~ santa’s face, rudolf’s eye, and saddle blanket

H205 ~ rudolf’s body

O154 ~ santa’s mitten, rudolf’s antlers, star on tree, and trim on saddle blanket

PT2 ~ tree and holly on saddle blanket

O510 ~ santa’s costume, rudolf’s nose, holly berries

H212 ~ santa’s eye, rudolf’s eye, boot

i hope this helps!


it’s snowing like the dickens, here.  we’re looking forward to a white christmas!


stay warm….





11 thoughts on “santa’s colors…

  1. As long as you are divulging your beautiful colors, which colors did you use on the little blue/grey house needle keep from Notforgottenfarm a few months back? I have the pattern but am not happy with the colors listed! Thank you for sharing your beautiful work–I love reading your posts!

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  2. Rebecca, your Santa is darling, and you are such a sweetheart for posting the colors. And I LOVE how you included the image of the threads. It’s wonderful eye candy for thread addicts like me. 🙂

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