santa and snowman….

I haven’t had a tremendous amount of help this week….

"crinkly paper rules!" ~ otis

“crinkly paper rules!” ~ otis

Otis has been busy….


"i'm awake, i'm awake, i'm aaawaakzzzzzzz..." ~ lilly

“i’m awake, i’m awake, i’m aaawaakzzzzzzz…” ~ lilly

…Lilly’s been busy….

"i'm not even going to pretend.  i'm not awake, i'm asleep and i want to stay asleep!" ~ ellis

“i’m not even going to pretend. i’m not awake, i’m asleep and i can’t think of a better way to spend the day!” ~ ellis

So, I’ve had to manage on my own.  Finishing is always difficult for me… why?  I don’t know.  Is it the commitment?  The responsibility?  Whatever.  Actually finishing a punch needle project, big or small, is always painful.  However, I was able to get my Santa and my Snowman completed last week.

Here we go.  Snowman first:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

My Wynter Snowman features a freebie design from Bird in the Hand Primitives.  He was punched on weavers cloth with my favorite Valdani Floss.  wynter snowman PicMonkey Collage

He balances on a vintage Shower/Tub porcelain knob and is backed with lovely wool.

"whoa, whoa, Whoa, WHOAAA!"

“whoa, whoa, Whoa, WHOAAA!”

He wobbles fore and aft, and side to side.



And, he wears a “snow”-covered skirt.  woohoo!

Now, Santa rides through a winter’s night ~santa's christmas PicMonkey Collage

Santa’s backed with wool.  His rocker is covered in holiday homespun, while decorative antique clock bits adorn the ends.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASanta, too, was punched with my Valdani favorites.  I’m always astonished by the beauty of Valdani, the depth of color and the character Valdani brings to my projects ~ I never tire of using this exquisite floss!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASanta carries a simple Christmas tree and jingles all the way.

"ho, ho, HO!"

“ho, ho, HO!”

Here comes Santa Claus!

What have you been working on?  Have you had someone to lend a paw?  Or, do you have to make all you decisions on your own, too?


happy weekend to you and yours ~ be warm, safe and content!






9 thoughts on “santa and snowman….

  1. Holy cow … no … no … holy reindeer. You’ve really outdone yourself this time. Santa is stunning …. absolutely stunning!!

  2. These make up a wonderful ‘winter wonderland’ – I love, love, love them. I too have trouble with finishing. Its almost like a ‘block’ of some sort comes in like a wave about the time I’m ready to finish. No answer but to work through it – and your designs show how beautifully you’ve done that.

  3. Hi, Rebecca. I love your newest projects. They’re gorgeous. Can you share with us which Valdani colors you used on the Santa? I’ve been trying to build up my Valdani perle size 12 collection, but I don’t have a shop near me that carries them; I have to buy them online. I find that hard to do, unless I have specific color numbers in mind. Thanks! April

    • it is difficult to buy floss online, isn’t it? the colors almost always vary computer monitor to computer monitor! i’ve posted the valdani i used for santa ~ those are some of my most used hues ~ and i hope the list helps!

      let me know if you have any other questions ~ thanks much for joining me, April!


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