getting ready….

are you ready for the holidays?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

whilst i’ve been feverishly punching winter-themed designs….

"really? you can't punch any faster than that?" ~ lilly

“really? you can’t punch any faster than that?” ~ lilly

…lilly’s been keeping her eyes on me.  she’s the head elf, making sure all the subordinate elves (me) stay on task.

ellis has been….

"call me kris crinkle" ~ ellis

“call me kris crinkle” ~ ellis

…wrapping gifts in crinkly brown paper, and otis has been….

"i could've sworn i was climbing a tree" ~ otis

“i could have sworn i was climbing a christmas tree” ~ otis

…practicing his christmas-tree-garland impersonation.


what about you?  how are you preparing for this season of JOY?


peace, my friends!





2 thoughts on “getting ready….

  1. I start preparing for Christmas every December 26th. Am I ready by the next year? No….LOL. I blame it on being a crafter. But it sure is fun trying.
    blessings, jill

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