finally finishes….

woolly sheep

woolly sheep

I’ve been punching and punching, and not finishing, for several weeks.  Finally, the last few days have been devoted to completing and updating my etsy shop.

all things autumn ~ bird in the hand primitives

all things autumn ~ bird in the hand primitives

If you stop by etsy, you’ll find a little woolly sheep and a chamomile stuffed pillow.  And, you’ll find…

patriotic gentleman?

patriotic gentleman?

‘scuse me, Otis.  You’ll find…..

"what, me?"

“what, me?”

Toot, toot Oatbran, I’m trying to show the folks my Patriotic Gentleman….



Looks like Oatsy needs a kitty catnip toy to distract him.  If you stop by my etsy shop, you’ll find…

patriotic gentleman

patriotic gentleman

a Patriotic Gentleman and…

crow 1 and 2

crow 1 and 2

a murder of crows.  Though Otis was ready to lend a paw all week, Lilly and Ellis had other events scheduled.



Lilly, in particular, was busy because I introduced her to a new spot…

lilly's spot

lilly’s spot

which consists of a futon mattress, a kitty heating pad and a wool quilt.  What do you think, Lilly?




Wishing you all a Lilly of a day!









4 thoughts on “finally finishes….

  1. Love your shop items. Your ‘business’ partners seem to spend quite a bit of time sleeping *smile*. You might need to rewrite the ’employee’ rules.

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