supplies: hoops, floss, needles, kits…

This morning I was stocking up on some punch needle supplies.  I’d recently broken one of my Morgan hoops while pulling my weavers cloth taut and needed to replace it.  I’m something of a homebody (huge understatement) so I do most of my shopping online, plus the Joann’s/Hobby Lobby closest to me is a half hour away… half hour there, half hour in the store, half hour home again, that’s an hour and a half of punch or nap time.  If you’re like me and prefer to do your shopping from the comfort of home here’s a reference guide to where I buy ~ fyi, I’m not affiliated in any way (except that I spend a lot of $ there!) with any of these shops…

morgan hoops

morgan hoops

I like the Morgan hoop.  It’s sturdy and allows for virtually no cloth slippage.  Today, I ordered a hoop from ~ click here.  You can also find Morgan hoops at ~ click here, and ~ click here.

weavers cloth

weavers cloth

Weavers cloth is available in many colors.   I almost always use neutral because I can see the pattern I’m tracing through the cloth.  I buy mine by the bolt from Joann’s online ~ click here.  I also buy from Lori Brechlin (Notforgotten Farm) who sells beautiful weavers cloth by the yard on her etsy shop ~ click here.



I love Valdani perle cotton size 12 floss and there are lots of reasons I use it instead of DMC or other 6 strand flosses.  The main reason is because it glides through the weavers cloth much more easily for me than other floss, limiting hand, wrist and forearm fatigue.  This means I can punch for long periods of time, which means I can accomplish more, which means I can sell more finished pieces, which means I can buy more Valdani.  Yes, it’s pricier than other flosses… much pricier, but in the end it saves me time and pain and it is also gentler on the earth than other floss, which is a big deal for me.  Snowflake memories is my go to for Valdani.  You can visit by clicking here.

cameo needles

cameo needles

I use Cameo punch needles (lots of them).  I like a medium needle tip and I set my length at the lowest (#1) setting for most projects.  I buy Cameos whenever I see them on sale.  You can find them by clicking on any of the following links:  Notforgotten Farm on etsy, Amazon, punch needle marketplace.  Also a “cameo punch needle” search on ebay and etsy will often yield results.



I typically purchase my patterns from Notforgotten Farm ~ click here and Bird in the Hand Primitives ~ click here.  I also like Chestnut Junction ~ click here, Need’l Love ~ click here, and Patternmart ~ click here.  In addition, I find lots of patterns on fellow bloggers blogs.  Every couple of years or so I check in with my favorite designers to see if their policies have changed.  For example, I’ll ask if I can use a cross stitch pattern to make a punch needle piece.

lavender and chamomile

lavender and chamomile

I like to stuff my punch needle pillows with things organic and fragrant.  I find most of my herbs on etsy ~ click here ~ by simply searching for “organic lavender” or “organic chamomile” or whatever the case may be.  Balsam is a wonderful stuffing material, too, and Lori Brechlin offers organic sawdust at her etsy shop (which I am going to be ordering soon!) ~ click here.

with thy needle and thread ~ brenda gervais

with thy needle and thread ~ brenda gervais

As far as kits go, I don’t usually purchase any, but if I were to I’d head straight to Brenda Gervais ~ click here.  Mrs. Gervais sells her gorgeous patterns and Valdani thread kits separately on her website.  Even if you don’t purchase anything from her, it’s so worth visiting her website for some eye candy or her blog, With Thy Needle and Thread ~ click here.  Other kits can also be found at Joann’s ~ click here.

from top to bottom:  lilly, otis, ellis

from top to bottom: lilly, otis, ellis

No punch needle project would be complete without a friend or three.  Where does one find a lapful of kittens?

from left to right:  otis, ellis, lilly

from left to right: otis, ellis, lilly

Sadly, cats and kittens (and dogs and puppies and a multitude of other creatures) are often abandoned by their people.  In the case of Lilly, Ellis and Otis, my husband and I found them left on a road to fend for themselves.  At less than one pound each, they didn’t stand a chance on their own.  The person who dropped them will never know what jewels s/he threw away, for three better, kinder companions could not be found!


happy punching!



19 thoughts on “supplies: hoops, floss, needles, kits…

  1. Our store is not too far, so easier to buy in bulk when I go there and hit the other stores in the area. The bad thing is they don’t always have the right type, in stock.
    The kitties are so cute, so lucky that you found them and care enough to take them in.


    • i have a tendency to over-buy when i go to the stores ~ do you ever do that? i walk around the store and think, “i need this, and that, and i certainly need that thing over there.” months later i find all those things i bought in some cupboard at home and can’t remember what in the world i was thinking!


  2. I order most of my supplies online also. I’m a homebody like you Rebecca. Plus we have to travel 90 miles one way to a JoAnn’s! Thank you for all the wonderful info and for taking the time to list all the links. I have ordered my Valdani from Snowflake Memories after you stated that is where you get it.
    Your kitties are lucky to have found you and you them. A happy family all around! And it sounds like they help you so much and offer such creative ideas too! 😉
    Hugs, Lori

  3. This is such a wonderful post in so many ways. I too love on line shopping. Though I’m minutes away from major retail stores … just so handy, and I love getting packages in the mail. 🙂 I didn’t know the background of your fur babies. A double blessing for you and them … brought tears to my eyes.

  4. Hello! Can the Morgan hoops be used for cross stitch? I use many different types of linens snd I’m alweays looking for a “better” way to hold the fabric. Thanks!

    • Hello! Thank you for your question ~ I wish I knew the answer! I’m not a cross stitcher, though I wish I were. :~> I will ask my mother-in-law who does lots of x-stitch and get back with you. Perhaps someone checking in here will know the answer ~ suggestions welcome!

      be well!


  5. Thank you for this post…nice to have for reference…you know for when I get brave and add another craft to my resume. LOL You do make it look easy and so very tempting. Love your work, its beautiful.
    blessings, jill

  6. This was a fun post. I visit most of the on-line vendors that you mentioned (frequently) but also spotted a couple of new-to-me sites that I’ll be visiting soon. Thanks for all the info. I’m ‘hooked’ on the gripper frame method rather than hoops.

  7. I am glad to hear that someone else is as much of a homebody as me:) I too have shopped at Snowflake Memories after hearing about it on one of your posts. Soooooo I have a question. I would like to make skinny long Christmas stockings and I would like to punch them. What do I do for a frame for that? I have learned about punch needle from you and Lori Brecklin! I am so happy I have learned to do it,I just LOVE it:) I like to just draw a picture on the fabric and punch it. I do have some trouble with the colors. It takes me forever to choose them. That is when I refer to your site! Thanks for the inspiration !!! I will look at the source you mentioned above for maybe a long frame!

    • Hello Vicky! I love your idea for long skinny stockings! Last year I punched a long design and I ran into the same issue. I ended up using a gripper frame rather than a hoop. When my embroidery was ready to be shifted (so that the punched part was going to be right on top of the grippers) I wrapped a thick piece of wool over the gripper area that would be exposed to the embroidery if left uncovered. I think a towel would work as well as wool. I was able to keep my weavers cloth taut because there was enough unembroidered weavers on either side of the embroidered bit so I could gripper that unembroidered cloth. (does that make sense?)

      I hope this helps! Thanks so much for being here!


    • hello there! thank you for stopping in! i have used up to a 17″ morgan frame to punch needle. i find it a little difficult to get my weavers drum tight at that diameter, but it’s nice to have the option to go that large.

      have a great weekend!


  8. Rebecca. Thank you so much for listing your suppliers. I greatly appreciate it and I was so very happy to find snowflake memories is here in Vermont! I just put in an order for Val. threads, another hoop and more weavers cloth! 🙂

    I too am a family calls me “the hermit”. I prefer not to go anywhere if I do not have too. by the way, I saw on your etsy profile that you are from you mean in NY? If so..we are only about 20 minutes from each other!

    Wishing you a cozy day at home, doreen

    • Hello Doreen!

      I love Vermont! My husband and I honeymooned there and we revisit as often as we can.

      I’m actually in Whitehall, Michigan, a beautiful area but not within driving distance of Snowflake Memories, unfortunately!

      enjoy your day!


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