wytch one?

wytch one?

Etsy has just made my life simpler.  In the past, I’ve had requests for some of my patterns, but, I’m really, really bad at figuring out how to upload, download, scan, print, file…..  So, my designs have, largely, stayed at home with me.  However, Etsy recently added an easy fix by allowing me (and other artists) to upload patterns with one click.  Hurray!  No more hoops to jump through, no more technical language to learn… just click.  Hey, I can do that with one finger!  For those of you who are interested, “Wytch One?” the pattern, is now available for instant download from my etsy shop ~ click here ~ it’s a very simple, rough line drawing, but that’s what my designs are.  I’ll be adding new designs as time goes by… I’ll keep you posted.

wytch pendant

wytch pendant

I’ve updated my Primitive Handmades Mercantile shop, where you can find a Wytch pendant and larger silhouettes ~ click here.



Over the weekend, I worked on some Halloween decorating.  The silhouettes on the mantel are available in my Etsy shop ~ click here.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI added some little oil squirters…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA… and some diminutive sunflower heads that I purchased at a roadside stand.  I just love how the colors of the seed heads echo the tones of the silhouettes.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I downloaded the witch words (on either end of the mantel) from Hudsons Holidays, an Etsy shop.  You can visit the store here.  The fabulous Crows banner is from The Crackling Crows, another Etsy purchase.  Click here to see more of Ivonne Brown’s banners.

Of course, I had lots of help decorating….

who, me?

who, me?

Lilly is terrific at using her claws to create altered art.  Here, she sits proudly next to her latest creation.  She calls it, “The Claw is Mightier Than the Stool”.  It’s a work in progress which she attacks with gusto from time to time.



Ellis is always there to counsel and advise.  He doesn’t trust me an inch and stays glued to my side throughout any project, just to make sure I don’t err.



Otis is all about comic relief and would rather be playing than decorating.  He and his companions have taken up playing putt-putt….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere’s Otis with his yellow golf ball….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere’s Ellis, waiting for Otis to putt….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEllis congratulates Otis on his fine form…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA…and asks the gallery to quiet down while he makes his approach shot…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALooks like a hole-in-one!


wishing you laughter today and everyday…



p.s. my “mass” was benign ~ yippee!

5 thoughts on “monday….

  1. I haven’t figured out how to respond on your website so am answering your email. I am so happy your tests came out well; and wish you continued good health. I love your blog and seeing what you are creating. I especially am in love with your cats and all of the pix of those furry companions. Your comments and descriptions of what each is thinking is so entertaining! Thanks for all the smiles you give us. Warmest regards, Joan

  2. Wonderful posting – I love your decorations, so perfect for this time of the year. Of course it helps to have such enthusiastic helpers. Glad to hear that the mass was benigh .

  3. Hooray, that tests are “benign”; I was very concerned! Loved all the holloweenie decorating and the cats, of course! Continue to entertain us with cat antics and beautiful hooking! and needlepunching!

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