cat and dog

antique cat and dog

Since returning from Ireland, I’ve been making some (slow) progress on my antique-rug-inspired punch needle piece.  (If you’d like to see where this piece started and the colors I’m using, you can visit the original post by clicking here.)  I’ve completed the easy parts ~ namely the cat and dog ~ and am now working on the background.  Oh boy, that background!  That intricate, expressive, perfect background!



I want my background to be every bit as perfect as the original rug.  I want to get every little stitch right.  I want my color matching and color placement to be perfect…. perfect….. perfect… Each time I think about how perfect I want Antique Cat and Dog to be, my anxiety builds, and builds.  Whew… I need a time-out.  Perhaps, I should meditate with Otis…

otis says, "i would love to meditate with you, if i can just find the time...."

otis says, “i would love to meditate with you, if i can just find the time….let me get back to you when i’m not so busy…”

Okie doke, so Otis is out, but I see Lilly and Ellis.  Maybe they’re up for some meditation or even a little yoga?

lilly says, "oh my gosh!  she's looking at us, ellis ~ quick! pretend like you don't see her."

lilly says, “oh my gosh! she’s looking at us, ellis ~ quick! pretend like you don’t see her.”

"tum te tum te tum...."

“tum te tum te tum….”

Apparently, meditation and yoga are out of the question, at least as far as my friends are concerned.  Instead, I think I’ll set Antique Cat and Dog aside for a few days and work on some smaller projects.  Do you ever have to do that?  Just put away what you’re working on for awhile until you can see it with an unjaundiced eye?


Until next time, may all your work be as perfect as human hands can possibly create!




4 thoughts on “progress….

  1. Actually I have a problem doing that — I tend to want to ‘work through it’ , which isn’t always a good idea. Backgrounds can be so time consuming and its easy to get tired because its pretty much the same thing over and over again. BUT its worth the wait — I just wouldn’t count on your feline companions to help you over the hump *smile*.

  2. Yes, there are times when I have to walk away from a project, then return to it.
    I have to make sure I get back to it before too long or I tend to lose my train of thought.
    I so love your kitties! They look so soft and sweet.

  3. Rebecca,
    Your piece is looking so much like the antique rug. Great job! I love the colors. Always fun to see your three fur babies. This post was so cute with your captions. I also loved the pics and captions of your Ireland post. My maternal grands came from Scotland. I have always wanted to go there. Your pictures of Ireland were beautiful. You have such an artists eye in all you do. Thank you for sharing. Hugs, Lori

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