antique cat and dog….

ticking horse done at last...

ticking horse done at last…

the above photo is not a picture of an antique cat and dog, but is a picture of the  finally finished Ticking Horse ~ thank you to everyone for your suggestions to keep things simple!  i ended up using an antique tack, like the ones i used on the rocker ends, for the riders eye.  the reins are floss.  you can visit Ticking Horse on etsy by clicking here, if you’d like.

after Ticking Horse was done, i felt at loose ends… do you ever feel like that?  it’s almost a feeling of anxiety when i don’t have the next project ready to go before i finish the first project.  so, i sought out my creative friends for fresh ideas…

lilly?..... hellooo...

lilly?….. hellooo…

since lilly is indisposed i turn to my stash of antique rug photos and am inspired by this one…

antique cat and dog hooked rug original

antique cat and dog hooked rug original

i love everything about this rug… the way the original artist used lots of rippling around the hissing cat ~ it conveys such energy, and how she made the dog appear so alert.  such a simple design, but there is so much emotion expressed in its simplicity.

time to draw up my pattern.  to do this i used a paper napkin placed over my computer screen and traced the outlines of the design onto the napkin.  then, i taped the napkin to the back of my weavers cloth so that i could see the design from the napkin through the cloth (no easy task as i didn’t use a light box or window) and drew over the lines i could see.  here’s the result…

pattern on cloth

pattern on cloth

although the above photo looks blue, the weavers cloth i used was my usual white.

now, what colors to punch with?  where are ellis and otis, my color coordinators, when i need them?

"we're busy ~ what do you want now?!"

“we’re busy ~ what do you want now?!”

how about a little color suggestion, ellis? otis?

"nope, we're busy, busy, busy and we have a lot to do!"

“nope, we’re busy, busy, busy and we have a lot to do!”

fortunately, i have a rainbow of Valdani floss to choose from and i’m able to come up with the following:

oh! the glory of valdani perle!

oh! the glory of valdani perle!

from left to right, i’m using: 5, jp6, h206, jp5, p8 and p9.  i like using Valdani’s 12 perle cotton in a medium Cameo needle on a #1 setting.  i usually get my Valdani from Snowflake Memories, click here, or from the Valdani website, click here.

i get started on the cat and dog…

a beginning...

a beginning…

and then work the flowers and background…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthese antique rug inspired pieces take me a loooong time.  i like my finished embroideries to look as close to the original rugs as possible, so there’s a lot of studying of the original and then color placing on the embroidery.  i can see that this may be tedious for some people (like quilting is for me), but i find it engrossing and rewarding (like quilting is for people who love quilting!).

whilst i’m punching i think about things.  things like my upcoming visit to Ireland with my husband, and things like my family and friends (lilly, ellis and otis)… simple things, quiet things.  things to look forward to and things that have been….


until next time, may all your thoughts be pleasant ones!








8 thoughts on “antique cat and dog….

  1. Love this rug and the colors you’ve chosen. I’m not sure your ‘helpers’ should get a bonus this time around as they seem way to relaxed to me! I agree with you about wanting to know what I’ll work on next – that bug hits me about halfway through what I’m working on at the time. Love The Ticking Horse!

  2. Ireland you say ….. I’m green with envy! Yes, pun intended. What a charming design you picked and Ticking Horse …. perhaps you might see the gentleman astride him at a fox hunt in Ireland. 🙂

  3. I so much enjoy reading about your progress on your projects.
    Those kitties steal the show – they make me want to take a nap !
    Beautiful colors on your new design.
    The ‘Ticking Horse’ is very unique…not sure I could have sold him ! 😉

  4. i thank you for your blog, i just love your work and I’ve fallen in love with your colors and I’m really a rather dark color primitive rug hooker. I do some punch and now I’m trying to do some in your colors.

  5. Hi Rebecca, Always good to see what you are up to. Seems like you never lack for a project and they are always so interesting. Love the cat and dog punch project that you are working on now. Your color choices are just right. But as always I love your 3 furries stealing the show, at least for me anyway. Thanks for sharing and give your 3 a pat for me. Take Care. P

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