just cats….

The other day, i dropped my phone in my morning cup of tea… it didn’t like it.  So, a new phone was procured and the tea-drinking phone was donated.  But, before my old phone went on to bigger and better things, I was able to retrieve the photos stored on it ~ I’d taken 742 pictures… 642 were of the cats.  What?  Are you saying that seems like a lot of cat pics?  Well….  you’re right, that is a lot, so I’m sharing the wealth and passing these on to you.  Enjoy!


“ha ha ha ha ha!!” ~otis

even as a wee lad of 8 weeks, otis had a sense of humor.


“keep it down, please.” ~otis



“what? of course we can all fit in your lap!” ~lilly, otis, ellis



“yo!, lilly, how did you get up there?” ~otis

imagine being thin enough to fit between the window and the screen.


“i’m an important part of the process.” ~lilly

Lilly hangs out in the pocket of my hooking apron.  Her presence there is vital to the rug I’m working on.


a jigsaw puzzle of cats



“woohoo! can you do this?” ~otis

no, i can’t do that.


“are you comfortable, otis?” ~lilly



“i read that my brain needs blood flowing to it at all times. that’s why i’m in this ridiculous position.” ~otis


"can you sleep like this?"

“can you sleep like this?” ~otis

no, otis i can’t.



“can you sleep like this?” ~lilly

no, lilly, i’m afraid i can’t


“i think it’s time for a bigger bed…” ~otis



“oh my gosh, she’s looking at us!” ~otis



“i am soooo cool ~ thumbs up, dude!” ~otis



“there’s nothing better than a soft bed and a warm patch of sunshine….unless you were thinking of giving me a snack?” ~ellis



two cats under the heating pad



“i’m just keeping lilly warm.” ~ellis



“in my dreams, i am a great orchestral conductor!” ~otis



“that’s right, i am a C. A. T.” ~lilly






“can you sleep like this?” ~lilly

no, lilly, and i’m not sure i’d want to.


“i can turn the water on using mind-power!” ~lilly



“oh my gosh! it worked!” ~lilly



“let’s put our heads together… maybe we can come up with an idea or two…” ~otis and ellis



“the whole world thinks rebecca is the hooker… the truth comes out, at last!” ~otis



“don’t even think about turning the water on…” ~ellis



“finally! somewhere comfortable to lie down!” ~otis






quiet please….



“this is the life…” ~ellis
“this is
NOT the life…” ~randy



life IS good!



“i am completely comfortable…” ~otis


“don’t let anyone tell you different, life as an indoor cat is not all it’s cracked up to be….” ~otis, lilly, ellis

They’re right, of course, life as a beloved indoor cat isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…. It’s BETTER!


enjoy an ellis/lilly/otis-like day!



15 thoughts on “just cats….

  1. Your cats are The best, coming from someone who has three of her own. Your pictures ate great! If any body is feeling down all they have to do is look at your cat pictures and their day will be filled with giggles and smiles!! Keep the pics coming.

  2. So darn cute!! This post confirms that “mom’s new kitty” really is YOUR mom’s … (takes me awhile) 🙂 I betcha she’s becoming a wee bit spoiled too.

  3. Such a cute post Rebecca! You’ve got some great pics. Love how you put them all together for your post. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Lori

  4. Rebecca, I have always enjoyed the company of my neighbor’s cats when I am working in the garden. My dogs would feel so betrayed if I got a kitty! Don’t feel bad about the number of pics on your phone…mine currently has 2, 722…sometimes I even use it to call folks! LOL Thanks for sharing photos of your fur babies.

  5. Rebecca, Thank you for sharing your feline friends. They make me smile!! They are 3 lucky cats to have you and I think they know it… Take Care and enjoy the Summer, Pat

  6. They are soooo cute! They look just like our kittys, Nikki and Cera! They were 20 and 22 when they left us. I still miss them! They used to cuddle with our golden retriever, Tucker, it was so cute!!! Nikki used to love to sit on my back or shoulder! Funny!!
    Thanks for sharing your fur babies.

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