angel sampler…


angel #1 ~ oatbran

You may think, from the tone of the title of this post, that I’ll be presenting a sampling of kitty photos…

angel #2 ~ ellis

angel #2 ~ ellis

Not so.  This post is all….

angel #3 ~ lilly

angel #3 ~ lilly

about a punch needle….

ellis, again

ellis, again

…named, “Angel Sampler”.  I just finished and listed it on etsy.  Good or bad, let me know what you think.

angel sampler push toy

angel sampler push toy

The angel design is by one of my favorites, Robin of Bird in the Hand Primitives.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I’ve been wanting to punch this little sweetie for some time, and now, at last, she’s done.  I made her into a little pillow and mounted her on a wood strap I salvaged from an antique steamer trunk.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The two birdies are also stuffed, like tiny pillows, and perched atop antique porcelain drawer pulls.  I added the rusty vintage caster because….. well, because I like rusty vintage casters, and, also because Robin’s designs have such a simple joyousness…. I always want them to be toys!


I think Angel is quite enjoying her time on my Miss Mustard Seed-ed cabinet.

You can visit Angel Sampler on etsy if you’d like to see other pictures of her.  Just click here, and remember to let me know whether you like the way she turned out or not!


Happiness to you and yours!







7 thoughts on “angel sampler…

  1. Hello Rebecca
    Now really, there is nothing you do bad. I love everything you come up with, so clever and interesting and this is beautiful. I LOVE your home rug. Love the color pallette. Beautiful work as always. OH…love those kitties too!!!

  2. Hi Rebecca, Love your work and the folk art twists that you add to your stitching! Your work is unique and very neat I might add. I would love to own one of your creations one day. As always I love, love your furries. I think they are 3 very happy cats. Nite, Pat

  3. Your Angel is SOOO Neat !!!! Love the teeter-totter with little birds ! The beautiful wall hanging is great too….the colors you use are so pretty ….. Just Love your work !!!

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