basket of goodies….

I was looking around today for someone to share secrets with…

otis is busy

otis is busy

Otis had hung out the “do not disturb” sign….

ellis is busy

ellis is busy

Ellis evidently had plans to spend the day in my work chair…. alone.


lilly is busy…

Lilly’s mind was clearly elsewhere…

whatever she sees, it might just deserve investigation...

whatever she sees, it might just warrant investigation…

engaged in critical contemplation of something…

and, she's gone!

and, she’s gone!

apparently worthy of closer scrutiny.

I’ll have to entertain myself, today, so I turn my attention to a diminutive basket I brought home from my mother’s house this weekend where my sister and I paid a visit.

antique basket

antique basket

This little work basket was made in Germany and has been collecting dust for 20 years on a shelf.  I don’t suppose it’s been opened for a decade or more.

pandora's box

pandora’s box

I love how it looks a bit like a tufted armchair when it’s open.

treasures await

treasures await

Inside, I find a jumble of possibilities ~ things look very promising, indeed.

needles and more needles

needles and more needles

I find needles, lots of needles,

old and worn

old and worn

a darner and wood spools of thread,

mother's handwork

mother’s handwork

my mom’s scissor and thimble keeper,

embroidery punches

embroidery punches

some very interesting tools,OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAa fabulous old hoop,OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAa tape measure I remember playing with as a child, and…

oh my! can it be?

oh my! can it be?

be still my heart, this antique bird pin cushion.

lovely patina

lovely patina

I was looking for one of these, just the other day on  It’s one of those things I really don’t need, but really, really want.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI don’t know why I want one, except that I love birds and these little creations are so intriguing.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI wonder in what quiet rooms this enchanting bird has served.  How many times has it sat in front of the fire whilst its mistress stitched with the family cat curled at her feet or, more likely, on her lap.  What secrets could this little bird tell?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy mother also gave me this fabulous old paper box, filled to the brim with…



silk floss ~ oh, lovely, lovely!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJust look at those neutrals ~ yum!

The last thing I came home with is my favorite thing.

c is for...

c is for…

I just love this pillow my mother made years, and years, and years ago.  The neutrals simply sing to me and the quiet design speaks to my heart, reminding me of days gone by when my mother was my mother and the most creative person in the whole world.

May your day be filled with joyful memories and thoughts of blessings to come!


12 thoughts on “basket of goodies….

  1. Oh my gosh Rebecca, what treasures you have found!!! I love your little sewing bird. And all those silk threads!!!!!!! Heaven is right. Wonderful basket full of memories and stories that I wish we could all hear!! Enjoy!!

  2. Can I be your sister? Because sisters share things, you know…Just kidding, but very happy for your delightful and scrumptious finds! Have a wonderful time contemplating what to do with these pretties!

  3. You made my mouth water just looking at these wonderful things and the basket they came in is also a treasure, even more so cause it came from your Mom, love the silk threads, they are so beautiful and would make such a great display just as they are! Real treasures for you.

  4. Oh Rebecca,
    What an absolute treasure you have inherited! I LOVE the bird sewing clamp and the beautiful detail it has! The little hand sewn pin cushion is so precious! Thank-you for sharing the sweet contents of your Mother’s sewing basket which by the way is very unique and lovely!
    I know now where you inherited your love of threads and creative sewing talents!!
    Cathy G

  5. What beautiful treasures, so nice that your Mom could see how much these mean to you. My Mother recently gave me my Grandmother’s sewing things, they are so special. Enjoy them forever and someday some special little girl will Love them all over again !

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