one way to finish…



Here’s Lilly, and when she’s finished playing with a toy she simply falls asleep.

When I finish punching a piece I sometimes take a nap, like Lilly, more often, though, I try to move on to the next step.

Here, I’m all done punching United, a design by Lori Brechlin from her American Folk pattern book.

stained and drying

stained and drying

And, here, United has been soaked in coffee, squeezed and wrung, and now hangs out and dries over night.  United will be ready for steaming in the morning.

rowenta pressure steamer

rowenta pressure steamer

I’ve had this Rowenta pressure steamer/iron for about five years ~ love it, love it, love it!  I use it for hooked rugs, punch needle pieces and for steaming clothes ~ fabulous for getting wrinkles out of dress shirts!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

First, I steam the back of United, including the weavers cloth.  I move rather slowly over the back, giving the steam time to do its thing.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Then, I steam the front.  I use a much lighter hand when steaming the front, moving the iron very quickly over the surface.  It’s actually not necessary to steam the front ~ I just do it because I do it ~ and, in fact, using too much steam and/or pressure can flatten the loops.  My loops are so short to begin with (because I set my Cameo needle to the lowest setting) that there’s little danger of flattening.

Now, I let the piece rest until cool and dry.



Because, I’m planning to mount United on a piece of wood, I’m going to turn the edges of the weavers cloth back.  I’ll trim around the whole piece leaving an inch or two or three of excess fabric.

folding corners

folding corners

Now, I fold in and press the corners.



Then, I fold and press the edges.

elmer's fabric and craft glue

elmer’s fabric and paper glue

I like to use Elmer’s Craft Bond when I adhere.  It’s non-toxic and acid-free, so shouldn’t yellow over time or cause my Valdani floss to change color.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I put some glue under the turned back weavers cloth so that it will lay flat against the punch needle.  Now, I want to cover the exposed punched bits with another piece of weavers cloth.  By covering the entire back of the piece with fabric, I feel safe.  That is, I feel safe that if I should ever want to remove United from its final resting place (the piece of wood I’m planning to mount it on), I will be able to do so without pulling out all my punching.  When, in the past, I have adhered an unprotected punch needle back to a piece of wood or other surface, then changed my mind and pulled my punch needle off said surface… *pphhhrrrrttttt* …it’s been like pulling out a row of knitting.

under wraps

under wraps

So, I keep it covered.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow, United is dry and ready to get together with a piece of wood.  I’ll use the same Elmer’s Craft Bond to adhere the two together, and next time I’ll show you the finished product.


Until then, be well and happy, and thank you for stopping by!





8 thoughts on “one way to finish…

  1. Thanks so much for all these tips. It’s hard to know sometimes if you’re finishing a piece the right way. Never knew you could lightly steam the front … plus adding the weavers cloth to the back. Anxiously awaiting the finish!

  2. i think Lily has the right idea! love your finished punch and once again thanx for showing us your steps in finishing…i have pulled out punches, but never thought to put the extra backing on it…daaah good thing us bloggesr/punchers have you! snowy dreary day here i should take notes from Lily, its a perfect day for a nap… enjoy your day!

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