the cow jumped over the moon….


home again

otis and ellis

Returning home from my sister’s, I find things much the same.  Quiet and warm and very little rushing about (until we feel like rushing about, of course).

I’ve been thinking about a little cow I made a few years ago that I gave my sister.

the cow jumped over...

the cow jumped over…

I think I’d like to make another capering cow very similar to this one, but perched on a rocker rather than a knob.

broken bits

broken bits

I have an antique wood bowl which has split into several pieces.  I think this piece will make a nice base for my new bounding bovine.

simple colors

simple colors

I’ll keep my color palette simple ~ just Valdani 6, P3, and H212.

What are you dreaming of, today?




4 thoughts on “the cow jumped over the moon….

  1. those two gorgeous faces make ME feel like purring…I’m dreaming of hooking some prim flowers…just need to find the time to transfer the pattern to linen…I know hooking will soothe my soul…

  2. Rebecca,
    Look at those two sweet faces all snuggled together! 🙂 Your ideas amaze and inspire me!! Have a great day. Hugs, Lori

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