colonial adam and eve…

Lately, I’ve been punching off the cuff.  That is, I’ve been choosing my colors as I punch along rather than planning ahead and I’ve been using whatever floss is already threaded in my needles instead of threading anew.  This is my favorite way to punch, or do anything else, because it’s so simple.



While Ellis takes a break from the ardors of punching, I get started on Lori Brechlin’s Colonial Adam and Eve design.  And, I’m punching along at a great rate, enjoying every minute of my work, when…

otis aka oatbran

otis aka oatbran

…along comes the Oatbran.  He is under the misapprehension that because he has thumbs he is a puncher extraordinaire.  I think he would be really good at needlework, if only….



…he could keep his eyes open, and….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA…his paw on the needle.  When, at last, Otis is sound asleep, I’m able to continue on and finish punching Colonial Adam and Eve.

ta da

ta da

Now, into the coffee bath it will go, and then onto its finishing.  Yes, I must concentrate on finishing for the remainder of this week!   I have several projects ready, several ideas in mind, and, most importantly, a deadline.  This Friday is update time for Primitive Handmades Mercantile, and I’ve been merrily punching along, without a care in the world or a finish on my horizon.  It’s time to come back to earth and get something done!

So, until such time as I have a finished project to show for myself, may you find happiness in all that you do!






6 thoughts on “colonial adam and eve…

  1. Rebecca…always seeing what you and the kitty-gang are up to! SIL had a cat with thumbs., very unique. Can’t wait to see your finishes!

  2. I saw the red and re-checked to make sure it was your blog. 🙂 Really neat! Anxious to see the end result of your labor.

  3. Why thank you, and much happiness to you. This punching looks really addictive and fun, although I may need to wait until I can get helpers such as yours;-)
    blessings, jill

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