what to do, what to do….

What do you do when there’s only one thing you really want to do and scores of things you should do?

our herd of deer

our herd of deer ~ there are 6 pictured here.  can you find them?

Outdoors it’s still cold and snowy.

ellis gets comfy

ellis gets comfy

Indoors it’s warm and toasty.  Some of us just want to eat, sleep and play.  Others of us, myself to name the one, just want to punch.  That’s it.  That’s all I want to do right now ~ punch, punch, punch…  The trouble is, the more I punch, the more I should do that isn’t punching.  Laundry, ironing, cleaning, eating, exercising, and sleeping aside, there are all those UFOs hanging around, waiting patiently.  Let’s take a look:

little birds

little birds

Here are my three little birds waiting to be stuffed and perched on their oil cans.

farmer and wife ~ notforgotten farm

farmer and wife ~ notforgotten farm

Farmer and Wife are ready to become something, but they’re not sure just what.

colonial hill farm

colonial hill farm ~ notforgotten farm

I think Colonial Hill Farm will make a fabulous little pillow… but, when?

weathervane rooster

weathervane rooster

My rooster just needs to have a bit more stuffing before it can be mounted on its weathervane, but I haven’t gotten very far on the construction of said weathervane.  So, my rooster waits and waits.

rocking horse

rocking horse

This horse, which features a design from Robin of Bird in the Hand Primitives, will, someday, get to start rocking, but not today.

No, my UnFinished Objects will just have to stay UFOs for the nonce, because I just ordered another batch of patterns from Notforgotten Farm and I have several Bird in the Hand Primitives designs on which I really, really want to get started.

So, if you need me, you know where I’ll be….

herbs and posies ~ notforgotten farm

herbs and posies ~ notforgotten farm


…I’ll be in my comfortable chair, ignoring all those shoulds, and punching away to my heart’s content.


May you always find a way to do what you love!







13 thoughts on “what to do, what to do….

  1. I did the same thing today…only I was hooking. Somehow managed to quiet the voices telling me to clean…put away…tidy up. They will be back tomorrow with heightened volume, but today, today they fell upon un-hearing ears.! Felt good!
    Great stuff…all your creations!

  2. OMGosh…I do the same thing! Whether it’s a good book or a cross-stitch project. I try to do a power clean before hubby gets home so after dinner I can get back to stitching or reading..lol.
    Smiles, DianeM

  3. It is good for the soul to just sit quietly and ignore the ‘shoulds’. I would love to learn needle punch, but am waiting until my UFO pile is much smaller.
    blessings, jill

  4. So many beautiful pieces Rebecca…I’m kind of like you, I think…so much joy in punching that I hate having to stop…can’t wait to see all these items completed!..That Ellis is a hoot!

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