great grandma's china

great grandma’s china

I have a veritable treasure trove of family china.

grandma's everyday ware

grandma’s everyday ware

I have several sets of various grandmothers fine china, which live comfortably swaddled, sleeping away until those times when they are called into service.  These are beautiful, stately dishes which take themselves very seriously.

grandma's transfer ware

grandma’s transfer ware

I also have many of my lady ancestors everyday ware, and these are my favorites.  Happy, humble, chipped, cracked, and crackled, these plates have really lived.

great grandma's cocoa service

great grandma’s cocoa service

These are the pieces that I like to surround myself with, and so, my studio is liberally sprinkled with these old ladies.  They remind me that aging is valuable, and that even when ones paramount function in life is past, one still has much of significance to offer.

powder room

powder room

Attached to my studio (which is, after all, simply a glorified bedroom) is a small powder room.  I’ve never actually powdered anything in this room, but I like the way, “powder room” sounds, and I love the raised sink the previous home owners installed.

great grandma's everday

great grandma’s everyday

I recently brought my great grandmother’s everyday china home from my mother’s house, and I think it will be just the thing to add some history to my powder room.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ll be using these adhesive plate hangers, which I’ve used in the past.  I find these very reliable, easy to use, and they’re made in England, which is a nice change of place.

a little water

a little water

I dip my finger tips in a teacup of water and spread a thin layer over the back of the hanger.  Then I wait a few minutes to allow the adhesive to set up and check in with Lilly to see what she’s up to…

what a lady

what a lady

She’s found her catnip sockie ~ what joy!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOnce the adhesive becomes tacky I can press the hanger onto the back of the clean plate and let it dry over night.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASpeaking of night, Lilly looks like she’s ready for a good night’s sleep.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe next day, I start hanging all the plates randomly on the wall above the sink, and, as usual, I have a helper…

ellis, the interior decorator

ellis, the interior decorator

Ellis makes sure I achieve proper plate placement.  It’s always nice to have his input in these delicate matters.

all done

all done

With Ellis’s assistance I finish in record time, and I’m happy with the result.  The only trouble is, I’m running out of wall space.  Well, it must be time to commandeer some from other parts of the house.  Pretty soon, my plates will trickle out into the hall and down the stairs….  After all, what are walls for, if not to hang things upon?


May you find joy in the simplest of things!







14 thoughts on “plates…

  1. beautiful collections!…they look so nice in your bathroom! you couldn’t have done it with the help of Ellis.!..

    enjoy your weekend!..

    I responded to your message on Etsy…didn’t know if perhaps it didn’t go through..


    • Thank you, Ronda, and thank you for the Etsy message! I was so happy to read that you will be continuing with your blog ~ I always look forward to seeing what you’re up to in the punching world. :~>

      Be well!


  2. Your Grandmothers had some mighty fine taste. Wow, such beautiful china. I stumbled across your blog last week and am a new reader.
    blessings, jill

    • Thank you, Jill! I’m so glad you found me ~ welcome! When I asked my mother how my great-grandmother afforded all that beautiful china during the Depression, she said that Great Grandma bought her things second hand ~ a girl after my own heart!


  3. I love what you have done with your plates and it is so lovely to know who used them and the memories of those loved ones. I enjoy the words you use to describe what you do, you should write a book, it would be a joy to read. Thanks for sharing!

  4. This post could not be more timely.
    Just this week, I have been going thru some lovely plates and bowls and wondering how to “reliably” hang them on the wall. May I ask where did you get your adhesive plate hangers ? Did you send away for them or purchase them locally ?

    Your collection is lovely.
    The colors are so soft and gentle.
    Years of tales to tell. 🙂

    • Hello Rose!

      Thank you for your question and your kind comment!

      The plate hangers I use are available at Hobby Lobby and probably Michael’s and Joanns. They can also be found online at and other sites. The brand I use is, “The Flatirons Disc co.”. The hangers come in a wide variety of diameters for different size/weight plates.

      Happy Hanging!


  5. Rebecca,
    Your heirloom plates are all beautiful and what a wonderful way to enjoy them by having them around you. Always enjoy seeing your kitties. Ellis and Lilly are adorable in the pictures. Hugs, Lori

  6. The plate hangers are the bomb …. think I’ll check out Hobby Lobby this afternoon. I love plates too. My collection has been confined to shelves, hutches and my mother’s desk. Rebecca, are you sure you’re not a clone of Martha Stewart?? 🙂 Thank you for the endless ideas!

  7. love your treasured china! i consider myself kinda a dishaholic… one can never have enough dishes, like wool, fabric, wheel barrows…ect ect! love your kittys! so glad you have good help with what you do! enjoy your evening!

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