a simple flock…

simple snow

simple snow

Outside my window, all is lovely shades of grey ~ from the palest white-grey to the deepest charcoal. It may be nearly March, but winter is still calling the shots.  Frosty cold with whipping winds is the forecast.

Inside, the color scheme is similar, but the weather is quite different…

simple needs

simple needs

In here, the forecast calls for warm beds, good friends and flights of fancy.

One of the things I love about an elderly February fading into a youthful March, is the almost palpable Hope that fills the air.

Outdoors, the birds are silent no longer.  They’ve heard that Spring is arriving on the next train and they are bursting with joyful song!  The euphoria is quite contagious and I’m celebrating the possibilities of a new season by gathering together the makings of my own simple flock of bird make dos.

"the squeaky wheel gets the grease"

“the squeaky wheel gets the grease”

I have this small collection of little oilers that has been waiting in the wings.  I think a little bird, perched on each tip will just about fill the bill.   I love the Singer can, and what could be more fitting for a little song bird to rest upon?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Using scraps of weavers cloth, I draw up several freehand birds, punching them with bits of Valdani perle cotton.

5 birds

5 little birds

Now my flock is ready for backing and stuffing.  I think I’ll use dried organic lavender to fill these little peeps.  Lavender is my favorite material for stuffing.  It’s heady fragrance always lifts my spirits and the aroma lingers in my studio for days.

Perhaps, I could ask for some assistance with my flock of make dos?



*sigh*… It may never hurt to ask, but I’m pretty sure the answer will be in the negative.

May you travel your road today with a song of hope in your heart!

thank you for being with me….




7 thoughts on “a simple flock…

  1. wonderful Rebecca..! delightful post love it all. I too am an oil can ‘grabber’., wondering at times what old farm it had served, and the barn it may have called home., so many stories should they have a voice. Enjoy your day!..~Ronda

  2. Rebecca,
    Your post brought smiles and warm thoughts of bird song! Oh my! Love the colors and can imagine a flock of these on a well worn shelf! Hope your crew gets their needed rest and will be back for their next shift!
    Cathy G

  3. Always love seeing a post from you arrive in my inbox. It’s so nice to spend time with you, your beautiful creations and your furry support staff/helpers.( I heart ) Do you have a source for the organic dried lavender that you wouldn’t mind sharing? Also, I’ve seen so many beautiful textiles draped and covering your furniture. Do you have favorite brands/sources?

    • Hello Mouse!

      Thank you for being with me and for your kind comments!

      I purchased my lavender from Etsy. There are lots of shops that carry organic dried lavender, but the one I went with is Natural Earth Oils: http://www.etsy.com/shop/NaturalEarthOils?ref=seller_info

      I’m so glad you like the slip covers on the furniture! Almost all of my furniture is hand-me-downs whose covers have seen better years. To get a cohesive look I used inexpensive Hemp/Linen which I bought at Joann’s. I had no idea when I used this fabric that it would be perfect for a house full of kitty claws. The cats can shred all the other furniture in the house, but the chairs that are covered with the hemp refuse to fray ~ hooray!

      I hope this helps ~ enjoy your day!


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