a winner and a finish…

congratulations, Cyndi!

congratulations, Cyndi!

The winner of The Simple Quiet pear giveaway is Cyndi Lott ~ Congratulations to you, Cyndi!  (watch for an email from me, Cyndi :~>)


I completed the framing of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, and I think I like it!

'twas the night

’twas the night

Though I waffled for a time, wondering if the frame would be too grand for the primitive Bird in the Hand Prims design, I’m glad I followed through and tried coupling the two.

Some folks prefer a more cohesive style, like a primitive frame with a primitive embroidery.  I admire those people!  I love going to their homes and seeing one era or one style represented.  I think Lori Brechlin’s home is a perfect example of primitive and it is sooo beautifully done!  (haven’t seen Lori’s home?  Click here to visit Notforgotten Farm)  There’s another Lori who has done Primitive flawlessly.  Lori Rippey of Home Spun Prims has a home I’d love to see in person!  (Click here for Lori’s home)  I, myself, just can’t seem to stick to one style, I have very eclectic taste ~ I like the old juxtaposed with the new (mostly because then I get to use the word “juxtapose”), the splashy combined with the humble, the intricate with the plain…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

…and so, I am drawn to this coupling ~ the elegant antique frame surrounding the primitive and humble embroidery.

My favorite part is, of course, the way the embroidery floats inside the frame.  Because I want to be able to sell this piece, I want it to be ONE piece, but look like two.  I also want it to function as two pieces if the future owner so desires.  In case you ever want to try a similar scheme, here’s how I achieved that end.

back view

back view

Hopefully, you can see in the above photo that the embroidery is suspended from the frame.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I used two little rings, a length of monofilament and a safety-pin for each end of the embroidery.  The upper ring slips over a small nail in the frame, allowing for easy removal.

dowels and pockets

dowels and pockets

The embroidery is large enough that it “buckled” when I tried hanging it without the dowels.  So, I added a long pocket to the top and to the bottom edges in the same wool I used for the backing.  These dowels can be removed, so….



that the embroidery will lay flat.  It’s the Transformer of the needle punch world!

Now, one last picture and I’ll let you get back to whatever you were doing…



I just love this detail!  You may have noticed, and wondered what the bundle of wire was in the first picture in this post of ‘Twas the Night.  Whoever had this frame before me was a person after my own heart.  When she found that the wire was too long for the wall on which the frame was hung, she simply wrapped the wire around the nail until it was the proper length ~ what a great touch of primitive whimsy to an otherwise serious and elegant frame!


I’d be so interested to hear what you think of this finish ~ good or bad!  Let me know!


be warm and happy,





26 thoughts on “a winner and a finish…

  1. It looks so Beautiful !!! You did a fantastic job ! The back even looks perfect !!! The lucky winner of your sweet pear ! So Neat !

  2. Will wonders never cease …. amazing. I just adore this. Okay, now I can uncross my fingers …. Cyndi, you lucky little girl! 🙂

  3. Congratulations to Cyndi … I love the frame, and the interesting little “make do ” wire sizer !!!….lol…that is something I would do, but my OCD would make me hide it behind the picture….lol

  4. Oh wow Rebecca, I thank you so much! I hardly ever win anything so I’m thrilled beyond words. I so admire your work and love your finsihed piece. Thank you so very much. I will be honored to give the little pear a good home!!!


  5. such an ingenious way to hang your piece! nice work, and good for you finishing it — sometimes completion can allude us! it is beautiful, and yes, i would have voted for another frame. but we are all different in our likes. it could also be the starkness of the white wall that you are hanging it on that doesn’t work for me. i also love eclectic and imagine a piece of cardboard about 6″ larger than the finished dimensions, covered/glued with a layer of dried long pine needles that echo the color in your piece, and mount the piece on it. or cover the cardboard with twigs like in tramp art and mount the piece on that. thanks for letting us give our opinions, you are very brave to ask for them!

    • GREAT ideas, Karen! I would never have thought of pine needles or twigs ~ definitely some things I’ll be considering for future projects! Thank you for commenting ~ I love hearing constructive opinions!


  6. Rebecca,
    Very cool finish! I like the contrast of the frame against the more primitive pn. You amaze me with what you come up with! A big congrats to Cyndi. I agree, she is a real sweetie and is very deserving of your wonderful pear. Thank you too for your kind words about our home. Come visit anytime. Hugs, Lori

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