a pat on the back…

I just wanted to share this rare event with you…

It happened….

I can hardly believe it…

I finished a rug!

ta da!

“home” design by notforgotten farm

It only took me a year to complete, but that’s because I had so much help.  Even right up to stitching on the binding, my friends were beside me, pitching in.

ellis lends his moral support

ellis lends his moral support

I’ve listed Home on etsy (click here if you’d like to take a gander), but until Home finds a new home, I will enjoy having Home at home!

Hoping you had a pleasant weekend and wishing you a delightful week!




22 thoughts on “a pat on the back…

  1. Hi Rebecca, Congratulations! Your rug is lovely, and it’s always a huge accomplishment to finish a rug no matter how long it took to hook it. Sadly, I have many more works in progress than I have finished rugs. I finally learned the binding method that doesn’t use tape, and it’s really nice. The “hookers” in my area seem to prefer it although I continued to use the tape method….just because it was what I knew how to do. Surprisingly, I discovered the non-tape method seems faster because you don’t have to sew the tape. Are you familiar with that method?

    Thanks for sharing, Lee


  2. Very well done Rebecca and furry helpers! It is a gorgeous rug and I love the neutrals! No one does them better than you!! Congratulations on a spectacular finish! Isn’t it always a little sad when we finish because it’s so enjoyable creating them?! Can’t wait to see your next design!!
    Cathy G

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