cat and dog, an antique adaptation….

ellis blogs

ellis blogs

There’s something to be said for a warm friend on a winter’s day, like today.  Ellis and I (and Lilly and Otis) are snug inside, watching the snow swirling and dancing in the wind, and keeping an eye on the birds, through the window, who are enjoying the peanuts and suet “we” put out this morning.

Last week, I worked on a punch needle adaptation of an antique rug.  Here’s the original rug…

original antique rug

original antique rug

I’ve been wanting to hook this design for a while, but hooking, in my house, involves so many helpers “organizing” my wooly worms and supervising my progress, that it will be some time before I get to this one.  So, I decided to punch it for now.  Here’s the tracing I made ~ feel free to print it for yourself, if you’d like!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI love doing these antique adaptations!  However, I always experience moments of despair in the beginning ~ does that happen to you, too?

i just don't see this working out for me

i just don’t see this working out for me

At this point, I’m thinking that I should just quit while I’m ahead.   I mean, it all feels so messy and not the least bit cohesive and I’m sure I’m a failure and there’s no way this will ever resemble the original in any particular.

But, I persevere…

oh golly, this is too terrible for words

i think we should break up… i mean, there are lots of other designs i’d like to go out with… it’s not you, it’s me…

Even at this point, when I have the dog and cat done, it all feels disjointed ~ the dog looks emaciated and the peppermint pink background coupled with the black is almost too much for me.

It isn’t until I’m completely done, when the piece is totally punched, stained, and mounted, that I think, “hey, it’s not so bad, after all.”!

maybe this relationship can work, after all!

well, what d’ya know…

well, what d'ya know!

maybe this relationship can work, after all!

I recently dismantled an antique trunk and have some lovely bits and pieces to work with.

antique trunk bit

antique trunk bit

I think this piece, in the above picture, will work splendidly as a backdrop for Cat and Dog.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe blues, pinks and antique whites of the punch needle are reflected in the plaid paper ~ serendipity!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI guess, the moral is that being a puncher is a lot like being a shark.  One has to keep moving forward, and just punch through the doubt to survive!

(Would you like to visit Cat and Dog on etsy?  Click here.)


May you always be more confident than I!





20 thoughts on “cat and dog, an antique adaptation….

  1. No truer words were ever spoken. It goes for life itself …. keep moving foward and punch through all your doubts and difficulties.

  2. Ohhhh I know how you feel. When we had our kitty one year it snowed a lot and I love sitting by the window stitching with Nikki the kitty in my lap. She would always try to get the thread. Needless to say I was mostly sitting and not getting too much stitching done:) I loved it anyway. I miss her, she was 20 yrs old when she left us. I know she would enjoy punch needle:)
    I too would love to see the hooked version. Thank you for sharing your design, I am going to do this one. I loved the horses as well. Thanks for that one too:)
    Have a great day!

  3. Every time I start a new hooking project I feel this way. Full of doubt. Almost quitting because it’s just not looking the way I think it should. But I continue and it hits that magic point (almost the end) where you realize that it was worth moving forward.

  4. I just LOVE this….I think mounting this piece on the old truck is the icing on the cake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! made for each other, wonderful….as a free spirited sampler maker and primitive rug hooker, I am never happy with anything I make until it is totally finished, because I too stained and distress things to further age them, and then I am happy!

  5. Rebecca ~
    Oh how I love your punch needle version. I hooked it last year but the binding is not yet on…sigh.
    Hugs 🙂

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