finish, start, work in progress…

friends and neighbors ~ lyn hosford design

friends and neighbors ~ lyn hosford design

I managed to put together a pillow over the weekend using my finished Friends and Neighbors punch needle.  For the front of the pillow I left the weavers cloth, nicely stained, in its as-is condition.  For the back, I used a piece of my favorite plaid wool.

pillow back

pillow back

I stuffed the pillow with lumpy snips and scraps and used a fraktur inspired punch needle as a patch on the back.

Then, I tried to get some work done on my rug…

lilly, "i'm so glad you got out your hooking ~ i've been looking for a spot to lie down..."

“i’m so glad you got out your hooking ~ i’ve been looking for a spot to lie down…”

Lilly had other plans, however.


“wouldn’t you rather play?”

She felt that my time would be better spent throwing wool puffs for her to catch than hooking wooly worms.


ah, me

She’s very persuasive and difficult to resist!


“let me see that”

However, she did allow me to hook around her, so I got a few rows done…

Despairing of finishing my rug with Lilly’s assistance, I moved on to an ambitious project which I’m hoping will resemble a weathervane, of sorts, when I’m through.

table leg and twirly bit

table leg and twirly bit

I took apart an antique dining table and will use some of the bits.

future rooster

future rooster

Then, drew this rooster on a large piece of weavers cloth.  I wonder if I’ll be able to pull this one off….  Perhaps, if I can find a quiet space ~ sans cats ~ it can be done!

Wishing you the time, ability and personal space to meet all your goals!


8 thoughts on “finish, start, work in progress…

  1. Love your finished piece !! Kitty seems to love your rug in progress…lol …what a stinker !!
    I can not wait to see your project with the table leg completed …if the rooster is going to be a part of that ( I am very partial to weathervanes and roosters….lol ) it will be fabulous I’m sure !!

  2. Ms Lily is a wonderful companion and assistant:) Things are just so much better with a little cat hair:) I love the pillow and the weathervane is a great idea! Can’t wait to see it:) Give the Kitties a big smooch!

  3. Always fun to see what you are up to Rebecca! Lilly is so sweet. Such darling pictures of her. Your imagination amazes me! I’m sure your weathervane will turn out great. Can’t wait to see. Hugs, Lori

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