winter white…


welcome winter

As I stroll through our woods I find that one thing we have is snow…

clean, unblemished, snow snow snow snow....

clean, unblemished, snow snow snow snow….

beautiful, glorious, cold, snow, snow, snow.


oh! just look at those lovely neutrals


Outside, everything is shrouded in a soft veil, and it is brrrrrr ~ COLD!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe shoulders of my bell from Mackinaw Island wear a feminine ruffle of white.  While the Queen from my chess set is dressed to the nines in her soft, white hat and cloak.

woodpecker heaven

woodpecker heaven

Even the snag looks respectable topped with a soft, creamy, heap.

no snow here

no snow here

Back indoors, I find more wintry whites, but no snow.

oh! heavenly paper whites!

oh! heavenly paper whites!

After my walk in the wintry wood, I’m greeted by warm kitties and the fragrance of Spring.

otis is never far from the action

otis is never far from the action

My mother gave me these narcissus bulbs for Christmas.  Otis has been waiting impatiently for them to bloom.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHe’s almost as delighted by the fragrance as I am…. or is he considering a snack?

ho hum

ho hum

Evidently, Ellis doesn’t think the daffs live up to their hype.


my friends against a backdrop of white



Winter White, indoors and out!


What color is your world, today?


may warmth and happiness be yours,







2 thoughts on “winter white…

  1. My world here is white also, but not as much. Just about 2″ of snow. As usual Ellis and Otis are so cute!!! Have a warm day inside, Laurie

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