I seem to be falling behind….

As I look at the calendar, I see that February looms, and I have yet to finish, “t’was the night before christmas”.  Do you remember “t’was the night before christmas”?  I started it many moons ago and actually finished punching it the night before christmas.

t'was the night before christmas

t’was the night before christmas

I’ve even aged “t’was the night…” but now I’m stuck…

Bird in the Hand Primitives design

Bird in the Hand Primitives design

…I just can’t decide how to finish this large piece.  Perhaps by next Christmas I’ll reach a conclusion?

Friends and Neighbors, a Need’l Love design by Lyn Hosford, is another project that I drew on weavers cloth…

friends and neighbors

friends and neighbors

…punched using some of my favorite Valdani colors…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA…with a neutral background…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA…and aged.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAt least, with Friends and Neighbors, I know I’d like to make a pillow.  I just haven’t done it, yet.  Perhaps this weekend?  I seem to be planning everything for this weekend ~ finishes, cleaning out the basement, organizing my supplies, dying wool… It’s good to have goals!


Hopefully, by Monday, I’ll have some progress to report!


Do what you love!






7 thoughts on “un~finishes…

  1. Love both pieces. I wonder what Santa would look like on a small tray of sorts. Like a shadow box effect. Perhaps distressed white (snow) with bits of pale blue (not too much) showing through. Kinda making it blend a bit with the background. Seems like it would add depth to such a unique piece. Also you’de be able to place it any where ….no hanging required. Just a thought….. Okay, I’ll climb down off my soap box.:-)

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