cats hook, too….

I did something minor to my thumb, the other day, which made punching uncomfortable.  So, I set aside my punch needle and picked up my hook.  Instantly, I was set upon by dozens of cats!  (Actually, it was just my three companions, but when one is trying to hook, three cats seem like a bushel!)

can i help?

can i help?

This is the only picture you’ll see of Lilly in this post.  The rest of the time she was attempting to curl up on my lap under my frame.

oh boy!

oh boy!

Otis is a perfectionist, watching every loop I pull.

"i'm not sure i approve of your color placement"

“i’m not sure i approve of your color placement”

He would like to be in charge of all wool ~ pointing out which techniques he likes, and those that he doesn’t.

"no... no, I can't agree that this strip should go here..."

“no… no, I can’t agree that this strip should go here…”

He often takes matters into his own “hands”, and he’s really, really good at….

"let me help you with that"

“let me help you with that”

…REVERSE hooking!

Ellis takes a completely different approach, much less subtle than Otis.

"'scuse me, this is my spot"

“‘scuse me, this is my spot”

Ellis doesn’t even pretend an interest in hooking.

"keep the noise to a minimum, please"

“keep the noise to a minimum, please”

Meanwhile, with Lilly under my frame enjoying my lap, Ellis on top of my frame taking a snooze, and wool all around me, I’m beginning to feel rather too warm.  It’s time to put an end to this frivolity, get up, and move my backing on my frame.  This will give me the opportunity to photograph my progress, so far.

"ta da!"

“ta da!”

Otis misunderstands, believing that he is the object of my camera’s lens.  I distract him with a kitty toy, and…

ta da!

ta da!

This is one of Lori Brechlin’s fabulous, prim designs.  I love the simplicity of this pattern, which is from one of her Notforgotten Farm design booklets.  I would love to tell you which booklet it’s from, but at the moment of writing this, I have three cats on my lap.  It may be possible to get out from under one cat, but three?!  So, I’ll add the link to Lori’s blog, where you can find so many good things and a brand new punch needle pattern!  Click here to visit Lori.


Wishing you a quiet and happy day!










9 thoughts on “cats hook, too….

  1. Too darn cute!! Love the pattern but I believe Lori’s pattern books aren’t available any more. Sad for those of us who started punching later. 😦

  2. i love your little helpers! they all have there own job dont they! it never fails the minute we sit down we have a kitty in our lap ready to help! love it! love your rug too!! enjoy your day!!

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