finishing hearts….


i feel loopy!

Ellis got out his catnip toy while I was finishing my Notforgotten Farm hearts ~ wheeee!  He had a good time!

finished punching

finished punching

I’m looking forward to seeing how a little coffee stain will blend and soften my colors.

care for a cup?

care for a cup?

After the hearts soak for a while, I’ll twist and wring them out ~ rather gently of course, but with a firm hand.  I discovered that the twist and wring method leaves the kind of mottling that I’m always trying to achieve.  I just hope I haven’t broken any punch needle laws!

nicely aged

nicely aged

Can you see the mottling?  It’s always difficult to tell what’s what on a computer monitor.  No matter ~ the aging is there and the floss colors have softened (I hope).

Let’s take a break and check in on Ellis…



Looks like he’s done with his catnip toy ~ resting up for the next round!

While Ellis sleeps, I work like a busy bee and back, stuff and hang my hearts.

tulip heart

tulip heart


I like these hearts hung from my curtain rods, but over a doorknob would work just as well.

sampler heart

sampler heart

Would you like to see more pictures of the finished hearts?  You can click here to visit them in my etsy shop, if you’d like.

wishing you lots of love, today, and every day!










8 thoughts on “finishing hearts….

    • Hello Jennie! Yep, I use Valdani #12 Perle Cotton straight from the ball ~ two strands, the one inside the ball and the one outside the ball. I use a Cameo needle on the lowest setting.
      Enjoy your day and thank you for your comment!


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