snowmen, snowmen…

ellis and his very own beloved and most favorite human, randy

I’ve set aside ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, for the nonce, and taken up work on some snowmen.  Once begun, snowmen just seem to snowball!  One innocent snowman becomes two, two become three, and next thing I know I’m in the midst of a sea of snowman projects ~ Such Fun!  Here’s one I’m working on entitled, “Wynter”.



I love this design from Bird in the Hand Primitives.  It’s one of Robin’s Freebie Doodles and is available on her blog right now.  Would you like a copy?  Just copy and paste the following address into your browser and you should get to Robin’s blog:  (For some inexplicable reason, my ability to create “links” in my blog has evaporated.  My apologies for this extra step in getting to cool places, like Robin’s page!)

I was going great guns on Wynter until Otis discovered I was actually getting some work done…

otis takes advantage of a weak moment

otis takes advantage of my moment of weakness

I was under the impression that he just wanted a pat or two, but, as it turns out he was determined to commandeer my entire lap ~ ah, me.

While Otis languishes, Ellis makes good use of his time by playing with one of his wool puffs.

ellis and his puff

ellis and his puff

I think he looks a bit like Rudolf and, if nothing else, looks extremely endearing.

"i could guide a sleigh with my eyes closed!"

“i could guide a sleigh with my eyes closed!”

While working on Wynter, I decide to start a snowman make do and come up with this possible design.

future snowman make do

future snowman make do

This may take some time, however.  Not because of the design, but because Otis, once settled in, is reluctant to remove himself.  Let’s check in with him and see if he’ll budge…

quiet please

quiet please

I guess this is a time for dreaming and not for doing….


Wishing you quiet moments of warmth and  joy, today and every day!








5 thoughts on “snowmen, snowmen…

  1. I can see that those babies own you just the way our dogs and cats own us:) There seems to be fur everywhere!!! I am sure that I just couldn’t survive without a fur baby or 2, or uhhh3….
    Nuff said:)
    LOVE the design! beautiful as usual!
    Merry Christmas to your cute Husband and you sweet kittys!

  2. Wonderful Rebecca,,can’t wait to see your finishes. The last few days I’ve wanted to crawl into someones lap and have a good cry…I’m envious of a cats life…by the way,,your Kitties are beautiful!

    Have a great day!

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