’twas the night before christmas…



Lilly knows a good spot when she finds one, and this blanket happens to be one of the heated variety…. smart girl!  Wouldn’t it be nice if I could have a turn?

Since Lilly is basking in warm comfort, I will turn my attention to ‘Twas the Night Before… and see how we’re coming along.

valdani m1001

valdani m1001

“So far, so good” I say to myself, keeping my fingers crossed.  I like the way the Valdani M1001 embraces Santa and his reindeer without over or under-whelming them.


little puffs

Robin’s design included these little circles, which brought snowballs to mind, so when I punched them I used a level 3 on my Cameo for some fun puffs.

Soon, it will be time to shift my weavers cloth, something I’d really like to put off for a while, if not avoid altogether, so…

frosty folk

frosty folk

I think I’ll play hooky and work on another little design of Robin’s, “Frosty Folk” (Bird in the Hand Primitives).  Perhaps, by the time I finish the Frosty trio, Lilly will be done with the blanket and I can take a nap (probably the healthiest form of avoidance out there)!

Be safe and warm, today!




8 thoughts on “’twas the night before christmas…

  1. Rebecca,
    Love how your background is looking. The snowballs are a fun touch. That blanket would call to me too! Always fun to see your fur babies. Girl, you got me hooked on the Valdani 12 pearl for punching. I just ordered a bunch more from Snowflake Memories. Thank you Rebecca for all your tips and info. You have been so generous in sharing. Hugs, Lori

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