sharing a new treasure…

I love books, old, new… there’s something about the written word…

beautiful words

beautiful words

Have you noticed that you can’t NOT read?  It’s simply impossible to see a word and not read it ~ that’s pretty powerful.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

There’s a fabulous trend in the art world right now ~ at least I think it’s fabulous ~ upcycling old, used, forgotten, discarded, landfill filling books into some quietly lovely, warm and comforting, works of art.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I found this Dahlia wreath in an etsy shop recently ~ Artfully Yours By Jen.  It looked simply stunning in the shop and I knew it needed a home to come home to, and so, I succumbed.  When it arrived at my door, I hung it on one of the salvaged windows in my embroidery studio.  Now, I can admire it while I’m punching and dream of all the books I’ve loved ~ past, present and even future!

What’s inspiring you, today?


3 thoughts on “sharing a new treasure…

  1. That is a great idea!! I have seen lots of things done with old books, but it usually “hurts” to think of taking them apart. When I have used old books, especially with pretty script I have copied the pages on the printer. BUT there are so many times when books are already torn up so to use those is a great thing. When I was young my Mom and I would make Christmas Tees out of the Atlanta phone Book:) we sprayed them gold:) I have to laugh now when I see anything make of old books:) I love that they are not sprayed and the type shows through:) I also like old sheet music:) I know I am soooo long winded:) LOL

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