’twas the night before christmas, and a special gift…



While Lilly enjoys a sunny spot on a pile of my early rugs, I get to work on ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.

reindeer games

reindeer games

I’ll begin with the reindeer because they know what color they want to be.  As I’m punching them I’ll consider the rest of my color palette.   I turn to Lilly to ask her valuable opinion…

what's her secret?

what’s her secret?

…evidently, I’m on my own.  I wish I knew how the feline species manages to sleep so peacefully ~ clean living?

Since Lilly is sleeping off her sun bath and Otis and Ellis are off transacting important business, I turn to google for color inspiration.  I did a search for ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas illustrations and found this:p_1

I love the faded blue background and the gold halo.  I believe I’m inspired!

So, a little while later, I’m almost finished with the main bits and am ready to start on the background.

holiday golds and winter whites

holiday golds and winter whites

Valdani has so many pretty blues, it’s going to be difficult to narrow my choices down to just one!  However, after deliberating for a time, I decide to try M 1001, a soft combination of pale blue and ecru which, I think, ages beautifully.

Valdani M 1001

Valdani M 1001

Next time, we’ll see if I’ve made the right choice.

Before I sign off for today, I want to share a very special gift I received from my friend Cheree.  It arrived on a day when I was feeling a bit less than top-notch and it, along with Cheree’s kind note brightened my skies considerably…

the christmas quiet book

the christmas quiet book

The Christmas Quiet Book, written by Deborah Underwood and illustrated by Renata Liwska, is a simple delight!  I’ve read it and read it and read it, ever since it arrived, and it never palls.  Thank you, Cheree for you kind thoughtfulness, and for a holiday gift I will treasure!

May your day be filled with quiet warmth!










4 thoughts on “’twas the night before christmas, and a special gift…

  1. I love your new project!! It is so nice! and I love the colors! I love punching and thanks to Lori Brecklin on you tube and YOU! I think that I am ready to try using the valdani pearl cotton for my next project. It costa little more that the dmc, but I think it may be easier to use. I am pulling off a length of the dmc, separating it, punching and then pulling more:) Probably not the most efficient way! I love that it is so easy to travel with. I volunteer in the Mary Washington House Gift Shop here in Fredericksburg and I can bring it in and enjoy the atmosphere and visitors!!
    Thank you so much for wonderful inspiration!!

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