’twas the night before christmas…

a Bird in the Hand Primitives design

a Bird in the Hand Primitives design

Happy belated Thanksgiving!  I hope you all enjoyed a safe and happy holiday!

My sister asked me, the other day, if I was on a blog sabbatical.  Well, no, not exactly a sabbatical, more of a Sciatical, and as anyone who has ever had sciatica knows, not much gets done during an attack.  Ellis has been sticking to me like glue, offering comfort and warmth ~ what a good friend!



Before Sciatica struck I made a start on Robin’s ~ Bird in the Hand Primitives ~ ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas design.  You can find, and purchase, this pattern by visiting Robin’s shop on Pattern Mart.  Click here, if you’d like to take a look.

from paper to cloth

from paper to cloth


I decided to make my piece a large one.  In fact, I drew it on my weavers cloth so that it is larger than my largest rug hooking gripper frame.  This will present a challenge down the road and I’ll be interested to see just how I’ll work around it!

Now to choose my colors… This may take a while, so until then!



5 thoughts on “’twas the night before christmas…

  1. P.S. ….I understand about the Sciatica…Ouch, it’s miserable, can’t stand or walk, hurts to sit, hurts to lie down…I used to lay on my side with the leg on the affected side over and a pillow supporting it…Seems to take some pressure off….hope you are feeling better soon !!

  2. Hi Rebecca,
    Ouch that sciatica! I did have trouble years ago…. so know how it feels! Glad to see you have good, warm and loving care!
    Love that pattern of Robin’s… in fact I purchased it recently! Will be fun to see how you punch and no doubt will be a masterpiece!
    Hope you are feeling better before Christmas!
    Take care dear friend!
    Cathy G

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