PHM santa stocking finish…

ellis and lilly

Evidently, it took me a LOT longer to complete my Primitive Handmades Mercantile challenge than I anticipated.  Even Lilly couldn’t stay awake during the final stages!  However, after a few errors and false starts, I have, at last, finished Santa.  He is listed on the PHM site in my store ~ FYI, Primitive Handmades Mercantile is having a $75 CASH GIVEAWAY, good for use in any PHM shop, next Friday, Black Friday!  Click here to visit PHM and get all the details!


The stocking measures about 14″ long x 9.5″ wide.


After I aged Santa and chose the fabric for lining and backing, I stitched it all together.  Otis helped…

otis helps me stitch


I left the knickers pocket intact on the back (if you missed my earlier posts, I used an antique suit of clothes about the size a toddler would wear.  It was made entirely of linen with bone and shell buttons ~ fabulous!).

pocket from the knickers


For the lining, I used a vintage sweater of merino wool with silver flecks.

vintage sweater lining

I finished the stocking with a hanger made from a strap taken from the interior waist of the knickers.  I added two of the bone buttons, one on either side of the hanger.


With the stocking complete, the back has an accessible pocket, perhaps for slipping in a few crisp, new dollar bills…

stocking back

The colors of the front are soft, muted and humble…

warm and aged

I have listed Santa in my PHM shop.  You can click here to visit him, if you’d like.

Happy Friday and a joyful weekend to you all!







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