more PHM santa challenge…

otis and ellis

While Otis and Ellis snooze, Lilly and I get to work on our Primitive Handmades Mercantile Santa Challenge.

adding some interest

I had originally thought that the stocking background would be Valdani 5 and only Valdani 5, but on further reflection I decided that little lines of Valdani 6 ~ a darker ecru ~ would be more interesting.  I think this will be especially true once the stocking is aged.  Because I use different Cameo needles for each color, and because each Cameo needle has its own personality, the darker ecru will be a slightly different height than the Valdani 5, even though I’m punching both colors on the #1 setting.  These different floss heights ultimately add texture and the appearance of age to a finished piece.  (wow! this really sounds like I’ve been analyzing Cameos and their effects on flosses and flosses and their effects on Cameos.  Don’t be fooled.  It’s trial and error, trial and error, all the way for me, not study and research!)

What does Lilly think of my monumental decision?

think, think, think…

I’m not sure if she’s pondering or if she’s manifesting despair.  I’ll ask her again ~ maybe a different view of Santa will help…

take a closer look, lilly

Well, Lilly what do you think?

busy with her own affairs

I guess Lilly is like me, she needs to see the punching finished before she can pass judgement.

done punching

Ok Lilly, last chance to weigh in with an opinion.  What do you think?

bronx cheer

Though Lilly may give my efforts the raspberry, I rather like Santa, so will take some time to consider how best to age him.  In the meanwhile, I’d better check in on the boys and make sure they aren’t tearing the house to shreds.

no worries

Guess I needn’t have bothered!


Enjoy some slumber today (for tomorrow we must vote!)…










15 thoughts on “more PHM santa challenge…

  1. Great piece Rebecca! I love how you use neutrals. Always enjoy the pics of the kitties and your clever captions. Enjoy your day. Yes indeed, tomorrow we vote! Hugs, Lori

  2. Lovely Santa Rebecca. Looking forward to seeing it aged to perfection. Also looking forward to seeing the other artist’s challenge pieces. I have my fingers crossed that whatever results from tomorrow’s election is a positive one for both your country and Canada. Cheers from the north.

  3. Ohh …. he’s a beauty! Interesting you’ve found a difference in the height of floss depending on the Camemo used. Who da thunk! 🙂

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