PHM santa challenge continued…

ellis and lilly

While Ellis and Lilly recover from the Halloween festivities (we had a total of 12 trick or treat-ers ~ exhausting!), I make a start on Robin’s Primitive Handmades Mercantile Santa Challenge.

warm neutrals

I’ve decided on my color palette, for the most part.  I think I’ll be using these Valdani Perle Cottons ~

5 ~ I’ll be using lots and lots of this light ecru for the background, the ruff, and for Santa’s beard and hat.

6 ~ a bit darker than 5, I’ll use 6 for Santa’s face and for some of the background

P5 ~ for the holly berries

H205 ~ for Santa’s suit

O196 ~ for Santa’s bag


JP5 ~ for the holly leaves, snowflakes and date ~ JP5 has lots of pink which antiques beautifully, in my opinion.

One of the things I love about Robin’s Santa is his hat.  It’s so humble and warm, and the shape makes me think of the hat that Sinterklaas wears.  So, though Sinterklaas is flamboyant in comparison, I’ll be thinking of my Santa as Sinterklaas.


I have all the details done and Sinterklaas himself is finished.  Now, I’ll get to work on the background.  Since this stocking measures about 15″ long, there’s a LOT of background!

What’s Otis been up to all this time?

the boy has NO shame!

One never has to look far to find Otis!


Challenge yourself to an Otis~day, today!





2 thoughts on “PHM santa challenge continued…

  1. Love the neutral tones you are using. They kind of match your orange kitty. What fabric are you using? Does weaver cloth come in white, is that what you are using?

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