a hooker’s helpers…


“I” am hooking a rug intended for our front entryway.  I say “I”, because hooking, though usually an individual event, is a team sport at our house ~ my team against the felines.  I’m sure you can guess who typically wins.

lilly hooks

Lilly likes to act as foreman, watching my color selection carefully, patting each wooly worm and occasionally using a claw to reverse hook.

No matter which way I tip my frame, Lilly holds on ~ she is a tenacious hooker!

otis hooks

If Lilly goes off to have a snack, Otis is right there, poised to take her place.  He doesn’t want me to have to do all the work by myself!

Otis is quite possessive ~ he is convinced that “our” hook is His hook.

ellis hooks

Ellis approaches hooking from a different angle, checking out the back and making sure the hook doesn’t get caught on anything, other than his claw.  He likes to keep the wooly worms moving, too.  It’s important to keep a tight hold on the wool, least Ellis decides to do a little unexpected (and unappreciated) reverse hooking.

When he’s not supervising our progress from underneath, Ellis sits on my lap making sure I don’t get too comfortable with my frame.

“i thought you’d never get out of my chair!”

The moment I stand up to stretch or find some wool or move a cat, someone takes over the captain’s seat and I’m left wondering if I can really bring myself to disturb such a peaceful scene.  The answer, as always, is no.  I leave Lilly in charge and go off to find something simpler to do, today.


may all your projects be simple, quiet and expeditious!






5 thoughts on “a hooker’s helpers…

  1. mine are uusally on the arm on my chiar or leaning on my legs on the foot stool…Olivia loves to claim the chair when I move…such fine looking competition you have there Rebecca…no wonder they win the battle…
    the new rug is looking good too!

  2. I really like your helpers! I have only one helper who usually is at my feet or laying on the arm of the chair with her butt off on my arm. When I try to move her she always gives me “the look”. I’m loving the colors of the rug!

  3. My puppy of 10 months has decided my hooked rugs are great play toys & the wooly wooms are best when pulled out to chew on….LOL…breaks my heart, all that work that goes into hooking a rug destroyed within minutes! I will take your helpers anyday in exchange~

  4. its a good thing you have all that help!! sure makes it interesting. i have my grand pup here and im not use to a lap dog… mine are to big. so the kitties tend to crawl right up next to the pup.. they know they live here and not just visiting. enjoy your evening and your pretty kitties!

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