santa and reindeer, third day…

lilly’s wool puff ~ white dot on bottom step

Here’s Lilly on day three of Santa and his Reindeer.  Nothing makes Lilly happier than playing Fetch with her wool puffs (small spirals of wool).  Usually, I’m the one who does the fetching, but Lilly will, when she feels like it, catch her wool puff and bring it back to me, over and over….  and over.  She’s come to the conclusion that there’s only so much Fetch in the old girl (me) and so plays by herself when I’m working.  (Lilly is very discerning and will play only with undyed wool puffs of a half-inch diameter or less ~ it’s true!  If I make puffs for her that are too big or from dyed wool, she simply gives me The Look.)

Though Lilly spies her puff on the bottom step, she is hesitant as there are dangers lurking around every corner…

otis waiting to pounce on ellis waiting to pounce on lilly waiting to pounce on puff

While this drama unfolds, I tear myself away and focus on more practical matters.  Namely, choosing wool for Santa.

cheerful red wool

I think the red plaid wool will work well with Santa’s suit.  Now, to stitch said wool to Santa, reindeer and hat, and we’ll be ready to stuff.

basket o’ snips for santa

Depending on what I’m stuffing, I will either snip my snips into small snips or leave them as they were when first snipped.  Because I’d like Santa to be firmly stuffed and non-lumpy, I’ve snipped my snips into small-ish snips.

“whew, I’m stuffed!”

As it turns out, I used some crushed walnut shells for the narrow bits of Santa, his hat and the reindeer.  Some people are really good at stuffing dolls and pillows and other 3D things, but I’m a slow, painful stuffer, so stuffing a piece like this always takes me a loooong time!

After Santa’s all stuffed I mount him on a piece of chippy window sash, which I pretend is a fence post for jumping over.  For a little something extra I add an aged tag.

Ho Ho Ho!

Making tags is such fun!  (If you’d like to see my tag-making-method, you can click here.)

Santa is now ready to make his debut in my Primitive Handmades Mercantile shop.  If you’d like to visit him there, you can click here.


Now that Santa is finished, Lilly is ready to resume our interrupted game…

i’m ready!


Wishing you a lilly of a day!






16 thoughts on “santa and reindeer, third day…

    • Thank you for your kind words, Debbie! The freebie doodle is for any one to copy and use for personal projects, which can be sold on a small scale, if desired. If you click on the doodle, it should open in a new window and you can print it and reduce or enlarge as needed!

      I hope this helps!


  1. Your Santa is amazingly beautiful !
    As I have watched your step by step progress on this project,
    I never could have imagined how lovely the finished project would be.
    Very nice work ! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Oh Rebecca,
    What a wonderful finish!! I just love ol’Santa on his reindeer and the sack and dimensional hat! Wow! You can really create amazing pieces!!
    The kitties have me grinning ear to ear…… they are so smart and discerning….. you are a good Momma too!
    What a great post!!! So glad you are blogging my friend!!
    Cathy G

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