santa and reindeer, second day…


While some of us continue to recover, others of us get back to work.

working on the reindeer

As I mentioned in my last post, I want Santa’s reindeer to have some personality without competing with Santa’s glory.  So, though I choose a quiet color for the reindeer ~ Valdani H205 ~ I punch it directionally, splitting the reindeer body into four sections and alternate punching North/South, East/West.  I am hopeful that the little deer will feel like he can shine a bit without being totally eclipsed by Santa’s splendor.

off with her head!

However, as I’m making inroads, along comes the King, who requires my lap.  I don’t dare argue with King Ellis, as he has the power to order my execution (so he believes).  Though my progress is curtailed, I am able to press on and finish the deer face.

still working!

Thus far, I like the way the directional punching is coming together.  Progress is slow, however, not only because Ellis has commandeered most of my work space, but, I’m also trying to watch the Detroit Tigers trying to defeat the Yankees!  (you can just see a corner of the game in the upper right of the photo.)

Ellis, feeling refreshed, stretches and goes off to take care of other important business ~ probably his next meal ~ and I’m able to settle down to work again….

little lilly

…but, along comes Lilly.  She spies an empty lap (mine) and, not being one to waste an opportunity, takes her turn keeping me company.  Fortunately, Lilly is not only little, but she likes to tuck up under my arm, so, though it’s rather awkward, I am able to finish Santa’s reindeer.

“velvet horns”

I’d like the antlers to look velvety and soft, and though they turn out more like corduroy than velvet, I think they’re rather interesting, and so keep the corduroy.  I used Valdani O196 and alternated between a #1 setting on my Cameo needle and a #3 setting.   I think the corrugated look is in this year!

Lilly is waking up….

what? nap? who me?

…and so, I think I have time to coffee stain my finished punching before I go to bed.  Others have other ideas, however.

ellis… again

Here we are, full circle.  If only I could sleep sitting up!

see you on the third day…



4 thoughts on “santa and reindeer, second day…

  1. I LOVE this design:) I am learning so much from your posts. I seem to be obsessed with punching:) I am not so good yet, but I have to say that this is a very forgiving art.:) I liked the way my Horses looked from the design that you gave us. I am now starting to vary the colors a bit.
    Thanks for the continued inspiration and also thank the kittys since I love seeing them and I know how fun it was to have a fur baby in your lap:) We have our daughter’s two kittys at our house now, but they have not felt so comfortable with us. I think it has to do with the 2 big dogs we have 🙂 Maybe soon though!!
    Happy Fall!!

  2. Rebecca, I haven’t figured out how to reply to your posts as the box doesn’t allow me to do it. I wanted to say how much I love your latest work. It is just wonderful. I also love all your kitties and how much love they show you…and you show them. Nothing quite as nice as a snuggly cat! Thanks for all the inspiration. Joan

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