santa and reindeer, first day…

whoa, did you say, “santa”?

Yes, though it’s only October and not even Halloween, it’s time (for me, at any rate) to get into the Santa spirit!

is that you, santa?

One of the things I love about punching other designers patterns is that I don’t have to think too much.  Things are pretty straight forward.  I copy the pattern onto the weaver’s cloth and get punching.  Not so with my own designs.  Here you can see that my Santa and his reindeer have undergone some alterations.  I’m planning on a make do from this design, possibly on a rocker, if I can devise one, or possibly on a flat piece of wood.

When I punch Santa’s to sell or give away, I usually dress Santa in red.  My favorite Santa red is Valdani P1.  It ranges from deep, rich burgundy, all the way back to dusky peppermint pink.  So, when Santa is fully clothed, he looks striking in his regal raiment!

santa wears Valdani P1

His boots and belt are the ever-useful H212 and his beard and other white bits will be Valdani 5.  You may notice that Santa is looking a bit pointy on top.  What happened to his stocking cap?  I made an executive decision, here.  I will be making a separate hat, which will be sewn on over the pointed pate after Santa is stuffed.

p3 in a 5 thickness

I’d like Santa’s bag to look nubby and coarse, so I’m going to try this P3 in a heavier weight than I usually use.  Typically, all my Valdani perle cotton is 12 in thickness, but I happen to have a few 5s on hand.  I’ll try extending my needle, too, probably to a #3 setting rather than #1.  Now that I’m thinking about it, a fine wool yarn would be perfect here!  However, I don’t have a fine wool yarn, or any other yarn, for that matter.

bag and beard are done

After I finished Santa’s bag I started on his beard using Valdani 5, but I set my needle to a #7 setting.  Now, Santa has a nice, fluffy, warm beard.

Next time, I’ll turn my attention to the reindeer.  I’d like him to be interesting without taking away from Santa’s presence…  guess I’ll need to sleep on this epic and monumental decision.


I never, ever…

ellis and lilly

…have to sleep alone!


5 thoughts on “santa and reindeer, first day…

  1. love your santa and reindeer and seeing how you are punching and what you are using! and its wonderful that you have so much help and inspiration sleeping there next to you! i love the punching and i love your very much loved help! enjoy!

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