lilly, myra, and dede…


Lilly looks so proud of herself, doesn’t she?  As if she’d just done something quite wonderful.  I’m not sure what that wonderful-ness might have been, but I suspect it involved chewing holes in my little tag, which you can see in the upper left corner of the photo.


While I may not share Lilly’s enthusiasm for “being destructive in a small way”, I am awed by the talented punchers that I’ve encountered this week!  Just take a look at what Myra has been working on…

what a beauty, myra!

Myra took my humble Wytch One? doodle and turned it into this beauty.  Myra is such a kind and generous soul, and I think her beautiful punching reflects her personality!  She tells me that she has since made some changes, like fitting the little cap more snugly on Wytch’s head and removing the “bump” from Wytch’s chest, but I think that this original version is captivating.  I love how Myra made this Halloween-time design more Autumn-friendly by giving Wytch that fabulous rounded hat and giving her complexion a healthier glow than the green I usually use!  One of my favorite elements of Myra’s work is her background treatment ~ just look at all that movement!  Gorgeous!  Myra has plans for finishing her piece by affixing it to a black painted and distressed wood board.  I’m hoping she’ll share a photo of her Wytch when she’s all done ~ will you please, Myra?

Now, here’s Dede:

stunning, Dede!

Dede wrote to me one day, not long ago, asking about transferring patterns, punching and weavers cloth, etc., because she wanted to give Magdalena’s Horses a try.  If I understood her correctly, Dede had never punched before.  By the time I responded to her inquiries, Dede had already figured everything out for herself and had punched the above… I was speechless!  I’m not super quick at replying to emails, but I usually respond within 24 hours, and I don’t think it took me quite that long to get back to Dede.  Dede must be a woman of determination, energy and intelligence, not to mention talent!  This piece is so beautifully done ~ it gives me a thrill!  How I wish my first (dozen or so!) attempts at punching had been anywhere near so neat, even, and confident!  I’m looking forward to seeing Dede’s finished piece, and if she’s okay with having me share her completed project, I’ll be adding updates ~ soon, I’m sure!


Thank you to both Dede and Myra for sharing their quiet adventures with me, and for allowing me to pass them on to you!  I find them, and all of you, inspiring my own modest projects.  As for Lilly…


…she may not inspire me to expend much energy on creativity, but she does have a pretty good list of priorities!






wishing you a lilly of a day!



3 thoughts on “lilly, myra, and dede…

  1. Thank you Rebecca for your kind words. What a fun piece to work on. To me the real talent lies in the designer. Dede, you are amazing. I wouldn’t want you to see my first attempt at this needle art. I bet, like me, you feel blessed finding Rebecca’s blog. What a great teacher she is! Let’s not forget Lilly, she looks to perhaps have a bit of royalty running through her veins. 🙂

  2. Rebecca, I have been completely inspired by seeing your own beautiful needle punch. Thanks for all your help in getting started in this fun medium, and thanks for the kind words on my work. I look forward to putting a gifts together for the holidays, thanks to you! Happy Punching, Dede

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