fancey that! day 5…

Fancey Blackett took her coffee bath on Day 4, and now, on Day 5, I think she needs a bit more stain.

walnut stain

I got out my walnut stain for this second layer of aging.  The jar on the right has a dark mixture of stain, while the jar on the left is a much lighter mix.

dark stain

I brush the dark stain all the way around the edge of the punching.  I want the floss on the outer edges to soak up a good quantity of color, and, since I’m planning to leave the weavers cloth exposed, I want it to get a good dose, too.

light stain

The lighter stain is dripped on the weavers cloth which, when it dries, will appear as nice water-stain-splotches.


While Fancey is drying, I pick out this lovely piece of history to use as the mount.  It’s a piece of wood taken from a very old, very well-loved tool box.  I think the soft edges and heavily textured surface will do nicely for Fancey!I cut the weavers cloth around Fancey, leaving about an inch or so exposed.  However…

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…after gazing at Fancey and her weavers cloth edge for some time, I decide that the extra fabric detracts, for some reason.  So, I fold it back and affix Fancey to her new perch using a non-toxic acid-free adhesive.


Fancy Blackett ~ The Gathering Basket is a Pineberry Lane design.  You can find her and other wonderful patterns and things at Pineberry Lane’s website by clicking here.


Now, we can move on to more important business.  So, following Ellis’s lead….

quiet please








20 thoughts on “fancey that! day 5…

  1. The presentation on your lovely board for your punch hooked piece is fabulous. It really works beautifully. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. You and Ellis deserve a nice long rest!! I love the finish and I do think it is great without the extra fabric! What a GREAT job You and Ellis and Otis have done!
    I look forward to Your next adventure!!

  3. Hi Rebecca, I love your work. I was wondering if you would share how you made both your lighter and darker stains after the coffee stain.

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