fancey blackett day 4…

otis, sans floss

Though Otis did not escape with any floss on Day 4, he did wrestle, happily, with Ellis.  You can see evidence of flying fur behind Otis’s whiskers on the right.


Meanwhile, Fancey has undergone a dramatic change.

before ~ love that orange… but



While I loved the orange flowers and the perle tweed blue that Otis chose for the background, I just couldn’t get out from under the uncomfortable feeling that Fancey was Flashy!  Oh heavens!  Goodness knows, I couldn’t let my quiet Fancey shout anything from any rooftops, so I brought her back to a whisper ~ a volume I am much more comfortable with.

quiet, please

I replaced the orange flowers with a combination of Valdani H 205 ~ a soft straw color ~ and O 154 ~ a rich gold color.  I left the patches in place and filled in the background with Valdani’s very simple 5, which is a light ecru.  I used H212 for the date, which is the same floss used for Fancey’s dress.  I added some of Otis’s PT 7, the teal gold combo, as the zig zag around the bottom edge.  However…


…even that little bit of “color” was too much for me!  Out came the PT 7 and in went the O 154.  Whew!  I am DONE punching, reverse-punching, and punching again, at least, for now.

Fancey takes a bath

Into a coffee bath she goes, weavers cloth edges first.  Because, I’m planning to leave the weavers cloth exposed when I finish Fancey, I want it to soak up much of the stain, and because I’ve “neutralized” Fancey to the point where all my flosses are very close in color too much stain on the punching will completely eliminate any contrast and Fancey will be invisible except for her dress!  So, I’ll be careful to watch the progress of the coffee (unless I forget).


Day 4 was a long day and my wrist and hand are quite tired.  However, my Fancey is now the Fancey I fancy Fancey would fancy! (I just couldn’t resist!  My apologies for the excessive alliteration!)

Here’s hoping we can keep Day 5 much simpler!


be well and happy!








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