fancey blackett day 3…

lilly and her toothbrush

We took a day or two away from Fancey and, some of us, had a good rest.

finishing the flowers

Today, I finished punching the flowers in my favorite orange.

I love the orange, but…  I don’t know, I’m feeling uncertain.  I think it’s the sharp contrast between the orange of the flowers and the stark white of the weavers cloth.

Sometimes, adding the background color helps me feel more settled and content.  The difficulty is, deciding which color…

lovely shades of straw, gold, and blue

I like the way blue sets off orange, so that’s a possibility, but I also like the quiet neutrality of the rich straw colors against the flowers and Fancey’s dress.  I need some assistance making this decision…

WANTED: Otis ~ AKA, The Floss Bandit

Otis makes a choice ~ very nice, I think.  However, he feels, though I strongly disagree, that all floss belongs to him, and he should have the prerogative to play with any and all floss skeins or balls before I get to use them.  I have explained to him, many times, that floss is much more difficult to use after a session with tooth and claw, but my admonitions fall on deaf ears.

crinkly tissue paper is almost as good as Valdani

I’m able to rescue my PT 7, a lovely perle tweed in shades of teal and gold, and I return to work.  Otis gives me, “the look”, and finds something else to do.

until day 4!


8 thoughts on “fancey blackett day 3…

  1. I am in love with your cats!! I always look forward to new pictures of them.
    I have 3 of my own, including an old orange guy. My guy loves to eat wool snippets!! I always look forward to your blog, you are exceptionally talented in design and color use.
    Putting my 2 cents in, I love the blue for the background. Seems like the other colors will pop!!

  2. I love how Miss Fancey is progressing. Otis made a wise decision. My 7lb. poodle Emily, does exactly the same thing with my floss. If I forget and leave my sewing tray on my chair, she snatches up the ball of floss and takes off running. Aren’t our pets just so precious!

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