fancey blackett day 2…

I’ve made a start on Fancey’s flowers, as you can see.

Orange is a color I use often, especially this time of year. This particular selection is my favorite Valdani orange, O 505. It’s a soft color with streaks of subtle almost-brown which makes for beautiful (in my opinion) pumpkins and other delights.

Having come this far, however, I’m having second thoughts. Though I love this neutral orange, wouldn’t Fancey look nice flanked by creamy ecru flowers? Perhaps Valdani M 49, which is a lovely, and very quiet combination of just that hue. I think and I ponder and I hum and I haw and, at last, ask my friend Ellis what he thinks I should do. His response?

“Sleep on it”. And so, I do.


May all your decisions be simple ones, today!


4 thoughts on “fancey blackett day 2…

  1. oh my goodness always the worst, debatting colors! its a good thing we have such smart helpers! love this pattern! cant wait to see it finished!! enjoy your day!

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