fancey blackett…

Fancey ~ I love that name, don’t you?

This Pineberry Lane design, Fancey Blackett ~ The Gathering Basket, simply called to me, and so I made a start on it this morning. I’m not doing any color planning, just picking as I go.

So far, I’ve used Valdani perle cotton size 12 in colors H 212 for Fancey’s hat, dress, and boots, and 6 for her face, hand and legs. The way the H 212 punches up in vertical or horizontal stripes, (depending on the direction one punches) means I can use just the one floss for both the body of the dress and the sleeve. I won’t need to outline the sleeve or use a different color for the sleeve, unless I want to!

P 9, my new favorite brown, is Fancey’s choice for her hair, and green perle tweed works nicely for her gathering basket.

The very last of my green tweed ~ time to order more! ~ I used for the four large flower centers.

Now, it’s time to ponder a while, look through my Valdani and decide which color to thread my needle with next!

Would you like to visit Pineberry Lane? Click here to find patterns, supplies, and other fun stuff!

Simply enjoy, today!


6 thoughts on “fancey blackett…

  1. Thank you Rebecca for sharing the colors you have chosen. Deciding on colors for a project is difficult for me ….. your choices are always so ooo perfect! BTW, I just ordered Miss Fancey:-)

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