making do 3…

wrestle fest

Lilly and Ellis decide to help me make do today, and so choose to wrestle in my lap as I settle down to work. (Is it any wonder that I work outdoors, on the deck, whenever possible?)

little witch

A witch, named Wycked, is on the agenda. I don’t want my witches to take themselves too seriously, so whimsy will play a role here today. Evidently, I changed my mind, more than once, while drawing up this little face and hat.

easy peasy

Since this is a witch from my imagination, the color scheme is simple. Valdani perle tweed in green and Valdani perle cotton in variegated black are all I need. Oh, and a touch of Valdani P 9 for the features, too.

all punched?

I thought I was done punching, but on reflection decided that I’d like to hang something (what?) from her hat… what to do, what to do?

adding on

So, I add on to her hat, which, at this point, looks ridiculous.


I persevere, and am happy I did.

buttons and backing

The addition of some eyes and a backing selection helps considerably.

creating the post

Because I want my Wycked to look like she’s atop a fence post, I have to construct said post, some how. This I do with a piece of window sashing, a long nail, a wood dowel, and a pipe cleaner. The nail is tapped into the sashing and the wood dowel is adhered to the nail using glue and the pipe cleaner. The dowel will now fit inside the witch head and add stability.


The hat has a sharp angle, which will be very difficult (for the likes of me) to stuff, so I opt for crushed walnut shells for filling. The walnut shells are very small and will make stuffing around that angle much easier. I got this large bag of walnut shells (aka: bird litter) at a pet supply store.


Introducing the shells into the head is a bit of a challenge, particularly because I want the dowel in the head at the same time.

Whew! I’m stuffed!

I stuff the head tightly because I don’t want her to sag, although some sagging would be interesting and possibly more true to life!

all done and stands about 12″ tall

I add some rusty picture wire and a tiny skeleton key to her hat. A punched tag that reads, “Wycked” adorns the “fence” post as a finishing touch. You can visit Wycked at Primitive Handmades Mercantile by clicking here.

Time for a cup of hot tea. Won’t you join me?


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