making dos 2…

Otis gives me the Thumbs Up

Here we are, again.  Otis is on his concave cat condo…


…while Lilly and Ellis settle in for a nap.  So, inspired by my feline friends, I get to work on another make do.


I know from the get go that this make do will be perched on an antique porcelain door knob, probably black, but possibly white depending on the floss I use.


Initially, I had thought I would make this a stripe-y cat, but decide, instead, that patches are what I feel like. I’m using two different Valdani perles for the body ~ H 212 which is the darker color and a gorgeous new one, to me, P 9.  P 9 is a sort of carmel-y brown ~ very rich and deep!

patches Cat and Wytch Way?

Now that the punching is done, I decide on wool for the backing.  Stuff it with snips, mount it on the door knob, add a tag or two and voila!

finish is about 8″ tall x 8″ wide

Next on my list is, I think, a little witch.

keep it simple, today!


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