what ever happened to stolen broom?…

This is a question that was posted to me, recently.  Yes, what did happen to Stolen Broom?  Like many of my projects, it found itself in the “what shall I do with you” pile.  So, I got it out and decided to keep it simple.

choosing wool

I determined that Stolen Broom would make a nice mat and so, chose some complementary wool for the backing.

Then, things got dicey.

I waffled between coffee-staining and not coffee-staining.  Coffee-staining conquered, as it usually does, and as it sometimes does, it came with disastrous results, which, I did not photograph, being too dismayed to think about recording such a dreadful, yet illuminating, experience.  In a nutshell, “Stolen Broom”, had become, “What is That? I Can’t See Any Details”, instead.  And so, it went into the, “oh my gosh, I can’t believe I ruined it after so many hours of punching” pile for a time.

Reason eventually won out over despair and the next few days found Stolen Broom soaking in a bubble bath.

cleaning up its act

I swished it around in the mild dish-soapy solution every once in a while and changed the water from time to time.  Once the water became mostly clear, Stolen Broom was hung out to dry.

no coffee for you!

Now, Stolen Broom, after being backed and edged with wool, happily resides in my etsy shop, looking forward to the day when new horizons will open and new adventures will await!

Maybe you would like to punch, hook or stitch Stolen Broom ~ click here to view the pattern on Chestnut Junction’s website.

would you like to visit Stolen Broom on etsy? click here

All in all, a good learning experience, but there’s something to be said for cutting back on one’s coffee consumption!

enjoy a caffeine-free day today!


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