do you ever feel like just punching something?…

I do, especially at this time of year, for some reason.

just get punching!

Perhaps, it’s because Autumn is such a free spirit, so un-constructed, that I jump outside my self-imposed constraints and just punch!  Or, perhaps, it’s because there are so many wonderful, fabulous primitive patterns for Fall that I cannot decide which one to do first and so I put pencil to weavers cloth and, a quick sketch later, I’m off!


My favorite things to create, by far, are make dos, and I may have gotten carried away this time.  I have five in the works ~ three jacks, a cat, and a witch ~ and two more in my mind, just waiting for a hoop to free up.  I’ll probably be working on Fall well into Winter and start on Santa and Snowmen around Mother’s Day!

cat ~ looks like a caterpillar, doesn’t it?

It’s so much fun making color choices, especially for a piece with lots of potential for lots of different colors.  However, it’s so very restful and so very simple to make only one or two choices ~ a cat? antique black.  a pumpkin? orange.  a witch? antique black. ~ see what I mean? Simple!  Less brain work, fewer needles to thread with different colors, just one needle, maybe two, and GO!

what is that?

Have you ever watched little children coloring in a coloring book?  ~ Of course you have, in fact, you were probably one of those pint-sized people once. ~ There are all those shapes on the page, neatly defined by lines, highly manufactured and perfect, but little children are interested in one thing ~ putting color on paper ~ me too!  At this time of year, I get to “scribble” as much as I want.  Weary of punching a circle?  punch a square.  This spot getting tiresome? pick up the needle and start a different patch.  Ah, Freedom!

a bunch’a boos

Autumn is such a messy and forgiving season, that I feel like I really can’t do anything wrong, at least within the sphere of fiber art.  So, life feels almost like all play and no work, especially if I turn a blind eye to the amount of dust and kitty fur piling up ~ what’s a little dirt, anyway!

Ignore the dust and play today!


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